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How to Set Up a MIDI Keyboard (or Controller)

Setting up a MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Controller is very easy. (Just like setting up an Audio Interface)

Just remember this – USB is MIDI!

The hardware we buy nowadays usually supplies a USB cable with the hardware. Simply plug in the USB cable to both the computer and hardware, turn it on, and your computer should recognize it!

Inside of your music program, you just have to enable the device, and now you should be able to control your DAW (Digital audio workstation) from the controller itself! (In most cases!)

Proper Installation Procedure,

What I said above will get the job done fine!

However, here’s how to install the MIDI Keyboard / MIDI Controller properly.

  1. Install the driver for the device. (Search into google “Product Name – Driver”)
  2. Plug in MIDI Keyboard / MIDI Controller to computer with the USB cable
  3. Turn it on – computer should recognize the device!
  4. Enable the device inside your music program!

That’s it!

Enjoy 😉

Oh yes, remember. A MIDI Keyboard itself has NO SOUNDS!

You will need to purchase sounds that you can use inside your music program.

Purchase some Drum Samples here! >>>>>

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