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How To Save Effects From Sounds In Edison

Put Edison AFTER Your Other Effects,

Mixer Slot Set Up (Editied)

So just quickly, if you click on a mixer track and hit CTRL + E, Edison pops up right away. This saves some time from having to go in with your mouse and open up Edison!

Now, after you have tweaked your sound to how you like, simply place Edison as the last effect on the mixer chain. This will allow you to record what you hear.

If you see where the Fruity Limiter is, you would want Edison AFTER the Fruity Limiter. The Wave Candy is just an audio meter. This has nothing to do effecting the sound in anyway, so it doesn’t matter if it’s before or after Edison. If you are mixing/mastering, always keep your meter last!

If Edison is before any of the effects, it will only record UP TO THAT EFFECT!.

This also goes for mixing as well. If you put an EQ after a compressor, it will effect the sound differently than if you put the EQ BEFORE a compressor. Try it out! (Put an EQ before a compressor, and use a high pass filter at around 5000Hz, then switch the EQ to go after the compressor. You will see that the compressor is now working much harder. Keep this in mind!).

How Do I Use Edison to Record Sound Effects?

Edison - Beatstruggles

Edison is a marvelous tool, created by Image-Line, that really makes recording sound effects, or any cool automation tricks you have done within your track, extremely easy!

How I go about recording with Edison, is I select ON INPUT. I think it comes default this way.

You can also select just INPUT. This will only record the amount of audio you’ve played, then stop afterwards!

Side note, if you record tutorials with Edison, be cautious of the 5 MAX. This is how long EDISON will record for. If you go to 0, or – -, it will allow for infinite recording. (I’ve learned this the hard way).

Edison - Click and Drag

Alright, so once you are on the option you have chosen, lets say, ON INPUT, hit record on Edison, and play the sound! From there, click and hold on the Mouse + Paper image, and drag it to where you’d like. You can drag it to a folder on windows, or into the playlist, or step sequencer of FL Studio.

This is how you can create some quick sound effects for later use, if you store them into a folder.

FREE MARKETING as a Beatmaker/Producer,

Also, if you’re a beatmaker/producer, storing up these sound effects is a great way for marketing.

Once you feel you’ve stored up enough, and they’re high quality, you can give them away as a free download with your name on it! Put a READ ME file inside the folder, with your name on the folder with information about you, and links to follow you, and that’s some awesome free advertising coming your way!

Especially if you’ve created the SFX for the beat you just made!

For more tips on marketing, feel free to browse marketing!



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