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How To Remove Empty Sample Folders In FL Studio

How Do I Remove Folders in FL Studio?

How To Remove Empty Sample Folders In Fruity Loops

This was a tricky one for me.. You have to go into your F10 settings, go down to file (with the disk), double click on the white part where the text is where you can rename the folder. But don’t name it. Delete all the text and close the window, and BAM! It should be gone! 🙂

Now, you probably already know how to install samples into FL Studio, but if you don’t, you can check that out here!

Somehow I figured this out, don’t ask me how! But, for a better understanding, enjoy the video!

Let’s See Step by Step Please,

You got it! 😉

Open FL Studio -> Hit F10 -> FILE (Left hand side) -> Remove Text of Folder -> Close Window -> GONE!

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