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How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block,

Song writing is a very special topic to me, as you will hear in the video. The reason being, I live for Jesus, and the words spoken in your tracks, you are teaching, and effecting who ever listens to your music. What you say in your song does matter, and please don’t take it lightly!

Now writing a song is similar, but still quite different than making a beat. With writing a song, you have to think of words that line up with the beat, and sound good together. This can leave the writer erasing and trying to find those perfect words for awhile. Getting your point across with words that fit isn’t always the easiest thing to do as well. It can take a couple erases to get that line to fit nice ;).

Also, a difference with song writing is when it comes time to record, you have to live up to those lyrics, what ever they may be! This is why it’s very important to be careful with what you say in not only your music, but life in general.

Stumbling Block’s While Song Writing,

I feel a lot of writer’s block, and producer’s block come from copy other artists/producers.

It’s okay to get ideas and maybe be “inspired” from things you see and hear, but there is definitely a line between “trying to being like them”, or taking the same approach with adding your own little touch on it!

Songwriting — Be Careful with Your Lyrics,

So like I said in the video, your words are very important with what you say. Why?

Cause you’ll have to live with them for the rest of your life!

For real, people take this way too lightly!

I just really stress this point, as down the road, you may have some regrets to what you have done, said, or written down the road. Let this be a warning to learn from now!

And again, don’t compare yourself to professionals. These professionals have years of experience. They know all the tricks, the techniques, and have practiced recording with microphones countless times for the best sound!

Sure it’s great to pick up tricks from these people, understand and learn how, and why they do it, but if you’re trying to achieve to “be like them”, that’s a huge goal, as someone can only be them self right?

Keep Songwriting Old School,

This is a personal choice. In a lot of videos, you’ll see artists rapping off their cell phones. However cool this may look, I still prefer a pencil and paper.

Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but I enjoy writing with a pencil and paper. I feel it allows me to stay focused until the total song is written — something to think about!

List of Tips Regarding Song Writing:

  1. How can this song benefit someone?
  2. What have I been through that I would like to help others out with?
  3. If my song is about sex, drugs, and money, who am I influencing while writing?
  4. What are the pro’s and con’s going to be in my life if I put out this track?
  5. Do I care what people think about my lyrics?
  6. Is the song saying what you are wanting it to say?
  7. Is everything in order? (Lyrics fit nicely from verse 1 to verse 2 etc. Or should verse 2 go to verse 1?) — In other words, do the vocals make sense? Not just rhymes, but do they flow together in a sense of “is verse 1 more like the intro of the song, then verse 2 a bit more describing what verse 1 said?”.

As I said in the video, the Lord has given me a gift to make beats and write lyrics to teach of Him. I may make it sound easy to you, but as I said, it’s been a gift that’s given to me.

We all have our own gifts. Maybe writing and music isn’t yours, but you’re trying to achieve something that you “wish you want”. Maybe you’re an amazing teacher? Or have an unbelievable amount of compassion? These are incredible gifts as well, that only certain people can do jobs with these talents!

I’m not saying to give up your drive and goal of music at all 😉 — Just really question, what are my gifts and skills? — You could be making life a lot harder than it could be for you.

The Lord has made us all different, yet the body of Christ needs each other since we all have different gifts and are able to build each other up and encourage in different areas.

Lyrics — Once it’s Out There, It’s Out There,

Another thing to mention regarding songwriting. Once you write your lyrics, record it over a beat, and release it to the world, it’s now out there for good. Even if just one person downloads the song, and you take it down from the internet, guess what? It’s still on someone’s computer, they may pass it on etc. So if you life changes down the road, these lyrics you’ve written, or sung/said, can come back at you down the road.

You’re lyrics can also be effecting young kids, bringing them into your problems and sin, if it’s regarding sex, money, and drugs etc.

How and what you say can really effect you for the rest of your life! (Once it’s out there, it’s out there!).

Hope that helps and gives you an interesting perspective on writing a song.



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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