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How To Mix In Fruity Loops!

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Please note, this is a very old video. It should be fine to get you started, however, I highly recommend watching, How to Mix and Master a Beat.

There are Different Skills in Audio Production,

Pro-Q - Make Your Chorus Fuller

Creating the beat, singing, and arranging are just some of them. This as well, goes for mixing.

Mixing is a HUGE part of creating music. This will be an on-going learning process. But, what can help you move faster, is reading on what each tool does. Such as an EQ, and how to EQ properly, what compression does, and the pros and cons of it. What is a multiband compressor? etc.

Let Your Ears Mix For You,

My Handwritten EQ Ranges

While mixing, your ears are essential for your decisions. When first starting up, I found it was hard to get a mix that sounded decent. Personally, I found, if I left the song the way it was, it actually sounded better, how embarrassing this was.

So I learned, Less is MORE in your mixing! Now, don’t get me wrong, you still have to do stuff within your mix, but the better you get, you start to realize how much is too much, and what to do in the right situations!

Also, another thing to mention is while EQing, many people recommend cutting instead of boosting. This just means instead of moving your EQ up in volume, you bring it down, to make room for other instruments. This actually has helped my mixing, and given me an understanding of instrument placement (with the help of panning as well). Although, there still are times when I boost EQ, but it is something to be said!

How Do I Get Started Up Mixing,

Besides wrecking my mixes, another thing that I struggled with was setting up to actually start mixing. Being brand-new to audio production, I had a lot of questions and figuring out to do.

So in this video, it’s quite old, and actually there’s lots of bad habits I’ve shown within the video. But to the person starting up, it will at least give you an idea of what’s involved, and how to get set up mixing!

Please watch How to Mix and Master a Beat to get a better understanding!

Written by GratuiTous

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