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How To Market Yourself In This Social Frenzy

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Making a Website for Beatmakers

Before I go into any detail regarding marketing and promoting yourself, my answer would be honesty.

When you purchase products in real life like a tv, computer, car, why do you purchase the one with a better brand name?

Cause the one with a better name brand, you know the quality is there. Therefore, that company, has built trust with you.

Marketing Requires Trust,

Building a business is a HUGE PROCESS, and trying to sell beats, or being an artist, is no less. (If not harder).

Standing Out While Marketing, How Do You Do It?

Stand Out in the Marketing Frenzy

Again, honesty. Honesty builds trust.

Trust is not given, but earned.

Remember that slogan. This slogan relates to anything in life. Business, friendships, relationships, you name it.

Once trust is lost, it’s even harder to gain one’s trust again than when you first started off!

So let’s get into how you can start building that trust, and gain a following with what you are trying to achieve.

Have Ways for People to Follow,

I try not to check out other people’s music for the fact I like to do my own thing, and everything = time. The more time I focus on other people’s music, the less time I have to focus on my craft and the skills the Lord has given me,


When I do check out people’s music, soundclick’s, beatstores etc. MANY TIMES I have tried to click on their social links such as youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. and guess what, the links are broken! Meaning you click on the link, and it doesn’t bring you anywhere! Either no where, or a 404 page!

Be Aware of Broken Social Links,

How can one follow you if you yourself are stopping people from following you?

So go through your social media sites, click on the links, and make sure they are not broken! Especially on your soundclick beat store!

Now this leads us into the next point,

Do You Promote Your Social Links? Do You Even Have Them?

Twitter allows for a spot to leave a link you want to share with your users. Again, I’ve been to many twitter pages and the user has NO LINKS ON THEIR PROFILE AT ALL!

They have the descriptions like this:

Producer/Beatmaker, Artist, Likes Dolphins, Likes Cheese Wiz without the Wiz, Give me a color and I’ll make it look good, Don’t need a vacation cause I’m livin’ the life .. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Worked with blah blah blah

So this person is a beat maker, but NO LINKS! This is bad marketing, especially since twitter is a free platform to market yourself on, and has huge traffic at all times!

Sure, you can be as funny as you want in your description, but answer the question, how can people follow you without a link!

You Don’t Have To Share, But Have Social Links,

You don’t have to share your links, or go on your social networks saying, “Follow Me on Twitter!”, and please don’t share on your friends facebook walls, this causes annoyance!

But, don’t be this person who gets told:

I heard your a beat maker. I tried to check you out but couldn’t find your beats!

This is because you’ve not given them an option to find you. If someone searches your beat making name, usually at least your facebook page/twitter will come up, so this is why it’s necessary to have it, even if you don’t use it.

Have a Funnel Website Leading to Your Other Sites,

At the very least, get on a website like www.About.me. This is a great place to start, as it funnels your users into a one-stop shop, then allowing them to venture out to what ever site they’d like about you.

See my about me page for an idea.

Sign up, fill out all your social links, then just promote that www.about.me page!

Keep Your Bio Up to Date,

Bio, About Page, what ever you want to call it.

From the beginning of this website I wrote a biography on myself, but in the time that Beatstruggles has started up, I’ve had many changes in not only my life, but my music career!

I’ve had a few production placements, plus, I’ve released a bunch of iTunes albums! (Right here I’m taking advantage of free marketing by sharing with you guys my own products in this helpful article on how to market yourselves!).

So, I had to update my bio! (This goes for your social media sites as well! Yes it takes time, but when you’re not on the internet, someone else is, and they could come across your page, and what do you want them reading, old info about you? Or the most up to date recent stuff so they can start to follow you and enjoy your music!).

Tech Blog Websites — Amazing Marketers,

This is something I’ve recently come across. People who are interested in mobile phones, gadgets, and technology, are amazing self-marketers.


And what I’ve learned is, in the top right of Beatstruggles you can see, About the Author.

So now, right away when anyone in this world comes to Beatstruggles, they INSTANTLY get to know the author of this website on a personal level!

Branding is EVERYTHING

When someone comes to your site, and see’s your face with your name beside it, people will be like, “Oh ya, I know him!”. Cause you branded yourself!

FREE Marketing in Google Search Engines,

Riley Weller on Google

To continue about the About The Author stuff, there is also a way to get your face into google search for your blog posts by adding a snippet of code to your blog! This post that Yoast has written will explain more.

So when people search topics that Beatstruggles has to share on google, guess what? My face will be under the post and therefore, FREE BRANDING!

Again, leading us into our next topic,

BRANDING YOURSELF! (With the Tools You Have),

Beatstruggles Business Card

Beatstruggles - New Logo -- Long - 1

Sound Pack Flyer - LOGO - 1064x300

Pictures of your business/company = branding.
Post your pictures where ever you have the ability to and take advantage of the free branding!

Think about this for a second.

If you had an idea for an invention or product, how much money do you think it would be to promote the product on commercials, advertisements, billboards, pictures etc. — A lot of money!

Now.. I’m guessing you’re like me and don’t have thousands of dollars to promote your beats, music, and business.

So what do you do?

Free Marketing Tools! — Take Advantage of Them!

These are Facebook, twitter, YouTube, forums! (Especially your signature in forums). But you must be professional in how you do this! (More on that below).

Remember this,

Use What Ya’ Got

Use these free tools, such as social media and forums, to promote your business, product, and brand. Use them wisely, and plan before you act. Nobody likes spam, but people do like to be kept up to date, and taught! And how can they be up to date, if you don’t post stuff?

Where’s the Border Between Spam and Updates?

That’s something you’ll have to feel out as you continue to grow with your business! So be aware of SPAM and always keep it in mind!

Being Professional

If you make beats, and have branded yourself as a business, you are a business, and you must learn to act like one!

Don’t be silly on twitter and say silly things.

This will only turn around and have a negative effect on you.

If you do something silly to try and get exposure to your name in the very beginning of starting up your business, that thing can easily come around again. What if it came back around when you do start to be successful! Could it hurt your career? Or be embarrassing that you have to live with? Be careful before you hit the send button, and always second guess your decision.

Be yourself, but be professional. Be respectful and understanding. Be helpful, but don’t let others push you around. Learn to work together with others, and allow your gifts, and their gifts, to become a strong team!

If someone were to come to your twitter page and see a bunch of immature posts all over your page, what would the person, your client, or even another business who wants to do business with you think?

As for me, I am a representative of Jesus.

By that I mean, I must present myself in everything of how Jesus wants us to live, not just for myself, but for the sake of others as well.

What ever I do, I am influencing others, so I must set an example for others that they may be able to see how Jesus wants us to live and can change one’s life. If I live my life the same way as others, how can one see Jesus if I’m not set apart, and don’t follow His WORD?

So now if I talk Jesus this, Jesus that, but one goes on to my twitter page, and sees a bunch of picture of naked girls, pictures of all these rappers holding money and smoking weed etc. But then in my music I’m preaching about Jesus.. it just doesn’t work that way. That would be hypocritical, and horrible business skills.

I would be a hypocrite.
I must live the life of Christ not only in my Words, but in my actions, I must live the life of Christ, to be that role model for others.

And therefore, I am a representative of Jesus.

Business Analogy — Be Professional in EVERYTHING,

One more quick example to really get this point across, cause this works with both Jesus, and with business.

Imagine I worked for God. Let’s say God has a business that is like Toys’r’us. So God owns a toy company.

He sends me out to the business meetings to try and get huge advances on money, so that we may be able to pay for a bunch of toys to sell them.

Now it is my job to make God’s company look good. So when I go to my business meeting to try and seal the deal and get this advance, I must be presentable and professional so that our company may be able to buy all these toys!

I must look presentable and professional in all actions.

If I came into the business meeting drinking a milkshake, with a chocolate stain on my shirt from a chocolate glazed donut I ate before I came in, and while during the meeting I finish my milkshake, I start to suck hard on the straw to get every last drop and it makes that really loud and annoying slurping sound, what do you think the company we’re trying to get the advance from would think?

The BIG GUYS in charge of loaning the money to God’s toy company would probably want nothing to do with His company, cause of how I presented my self, and my actions!

So if I post all these silly things on Facebook/Twitter, people will get the message that in order to follow Christ, you don’t have to be set apart from the world. I would be sending the message that to follow Christ you can do anything you want! Therefore, leading into corruption!

So this is very important for your business! I can’t stress it enough.

I post things that will edify people, encourage them, build them up and try to bring out gifts inside people that they never even knew they had! And obviously, try to promote my company through things I post as well. But this is my mindset, and motive, behind my posts.

So this story goes for your company.

Everything you do matters.

Be careful with your actions, think ahead and try to figure out what your decision is going to effect before you do it. Is the outcome of your decision going to be good or bad?

What you say IS VERY IMPORTANT. Before you hit send, always double think what effect this is going to bring towards you and the people around you.

Word of Mouth,

Word of mouth is definitely the most effective, and cheapest, form of marketing. Having someone spread your name around by conversation is almost unbuyable marketing.

Again, this comes from honesty which builds trust. This also relates with the spam and updates too!

Very often, word of mouth comes down to your relationships. Are you always try to sell someone your business? When ever you meet up with friends, family etc, is business the only thing you can talk about? Sure it’s great to share what you do, and people would love to pass on to others what you are trying to do, but again, there is that border between SPAM and UPDATES! Just keep it in your mind.

Also with word of mouth advertising it’s people being at the right place at the right time. But with God on one’s side, you see some pretty amazing “At the Right Place, Right Time” kind of stuff lol!

Free Advertising Through Your Beats,

You can also advertise through your beats through ID3 Tagging. Watch the video for more info!

What does this mean?

This means that when ever someone listens to a beat, song etc. that you sent them, or they have downloaded, they get to see the image art, and all the details you want to put inside that beat!

First, what do you see in this image that could be FREE BRANDING for you?

(Click and study the picture for a second)

I went ahead and put some arrows to show you guys the FREE BRANDING that I have given myself through ID3 Tagging.

From the top arrow to the bottom this is what I did:

  1. Even without an ID3 tagging program, you can still put your artist name for the title. So no difference from you just changing it yourself without an ID3 tag program. But still, if your artist name is on the beat, that’s more free branding for your name!
  2. I put the image into the beat so that if people listen to it on their iPod, on iTunes or Windows Media Player, they can see all the information I want them to know!
  3. I put a way for them to follow me on the image in case the liked the music!

To explain a bit more in depth,

So besides the part of giving out a free beat tape, that is free marketing by itself, but on the image of the cover I put GratuiTous, AND MY BEAT STORE WEBSITE! I gave them a way to follow me in case they liked my music!

ID3 Tagging allows you to encode any information you want into the beat. Add any kind of image, any kind of details, you name it! If the person right clicks on the song, and goes properties, if you put your beat store in the description, you may get a new customer or listener! (This works for MP3, not .WAV!)

Look at the details of one of my tracks and look at all the info I could cram into the MP3! (Again, you want rich info, not SPAM!)

The description part is great, cause you could just add your website into the description! Now if people pass along that beat, that’s 100% free advertising!

Again! — Use What Ya’ Got! — Take advantage of these free tools, who knows where your beat could end up. Someone looks in the details of the MP3, the next thing they know, they signed up to your mailing list on your beat store!

So ID3 Tagging is super easy, and a FREE way, to capture your audiences attention. And again, FREEEE!

I use the program called “MP3 Tag”. Just google that!

Market Yourself for FREE — What are Some More Ways?

If you don’t have money to invest to start a website, which isn’t too expensive, you can get a blog! (Like a free wordpress blog!).

However, having a website with a www. is quite important, and again, is not too expensive now adays.


Forums are huge!

A forum is a place where people just like you are trying to find information, or share information.

So if you have the information for those people, these people are your market! If you bring them rich content, they may start to follow you and be interested in your company, website, and products!

Everyone likes RICH CONTENT. Rich content is helpful, eye grabbing, and actually useful. So therefore, if you have RICH and USEFUL content, people will continue to come back to your site, blog, beat store because you have built that name of a reliable source of information, and again TRUST!

Forums are a great way to meet people in your market, and build relationships with people who have the same interests as you!

When you sign up to forums, make sure you use all the FREE TOOLS FOR BRANDING.

Forum Marketing — Free Tools,

Well most forums give you a signature. (See Picture)

A signature is a place to leave details about you such as your website, a slogan, many times an image, and allow them to be clickable to go to your website, or where you want to guide your reader.

Don’t Cheat! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look up top first, then you can see the arrows!

(Starting from top left to right then to the bottom left to right).

In my avatar picture I have my album cover that’s on iTunes. That’s free marketing for my CD and my artist/producer name GratuiTous.

Right beside it, they give you the opportunity to put your website. So.. take advantage of it and PUT IT IN!

If someone finds your post interesting, they will check out your user name etc. and see of ways to check out more information about you, and if your info isn’t there, how can they follow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now near the bottom in my signature, I have an image promoting Beatstruggles’ SoundPackFlyer. This is just free advertising! I have my social links for people to follow me, and then I have an image that leads to SoundPackFlyer.com.

This is a forum where beat makers ask questions on how to do certain techniques, and very often there are questions, “Where Do I Find Good Sounds?“, if that person happens to come across your signature, you may of got yourself a sale, and if not a sale, you have at least made them aware of your product, website, and store!

Other Freebie Advertising!

Create a facebook group or event, that way you know people are aware of who you are, and what you do! Even if they don’t join up, they are at least aware of what you are trying to promote!


People don’t like spam. Learn how to build relationships and learn how to offer what it is you are selling! It could even be by starting off the conversation like “Hey, how’s it going?” And actually let them reply.. lol Then you can be like “hey, I have a business card for you!”.

Giving Credit When it is Due!

This is a huge one!

This is probably the best way to build a relationship in life in just general.

If someone has done something impressive, tell them! Everyone needs encouragement, and it’s an awesome way to start, and build a relationship!

If you liked someones beat, tell them. If someone was good in an interview, tell them where you think they shined the most!

Giving credit when it is due can not only bring huge benefits to you by starting new relationships, but it shows others where your heart is!

Money Marketing — What are Some Ways?

Business cards were probably the best investment I have invested in, for not only myself as GratuiTous, but for Beatstruggles.

You go out grocery shopping, walking down the street, go to the gas station, where ever you are. Stop and build a relationship with someone, and give them your business card!

Make sure your card has your business logo on it for BRANDING PURPOSES, your email, and links you want them to check out. If you don’t give them the information that you want them to check out, how are they supposed to check it out?

How to Properly Give Out Business Cards,

If you do get into the business card route, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, here are a few things to look out for (which I have learned from experience :P):

Go with the flow on these, they are not “Rules”, but things to look out for. This all goes with being professional and respectful.

  1. Don’t give a card to someone while they are eating
  2. Don’t give a card to an employee at a store who is busy working

There is a time and place for everything

I have done both of these things as mentioned in 1. and 2., and they have worked out great, but just be aware of the situation and have discernment on how you approach people, and when and how to market to them!


Aside from business cards, you could get stickers. Who knows where your sticker could end up!

Paid advertising (P.P.C.)

Now this is a bit of a different kind of advertising. It’s called PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click. This means you will not pay for your advertising unless someone clicks on your advertisement. While starting up, use what you got, there is so much free marketing that you may never have to pay for it if you do it right!

Be very careful with P.P.C. advertising. If you are not careful, and don’t set low dollars per click, your bill can add up quick!

But I want to share more of “free ways” to market, and how to pursue and obtain, what you want to achieve; success in your hobby, love, dream, etc.

Create a Goal to Obtain,

I can’t tell you this enough.

When you get an idea, write it down. You may not have time to do your idea today, and it may be something you want to get done, but what happens is life gets busy, and guess what! You forget what your idea was!

Writing things down has been such an important task of my growth towards Beatstruggles, time management, overall in life.

It is something you have to learn to do, and it can be tedious, but it reaps in huge rewards because once you’ve written it down, it will always be there, and you can come back to it.

Life gets very busy and hectic, we want to try and finish everything in one day, but many times, it doesn’t work that way. Take each day at a time, plan out some reachable goals, and pursue them! (Get 1,000 views to your beatstore in one day? Get 500 likes by the end of the year on Facebook?).

Let’s say you want to be a chef. How are you going to get there!?

Get out a piece of paper, and try to figure it out in order what it is you’d have to do.

  1. Do research on schools to see what they have to offer
  2. How much is it going to cost
  3. How long is the course
  4. Is it really something you want to get into with all your heart
  5. Is this a job where you could support your family, and not allow your job to control your life?

These are the kind of questions you have to ask yourself! Even if it’s just scribbles.

As long as it’s on paper, your thought is not forgotten!


So I guess that concludes what you need to do in order to market yourself in this social frenzy! If you stick to it, and don’t give up, who knows where your hard work will take you!

One more thing! — This is something my Dad mentioned to me with being honest in your business:

If you’re honest, you never have to remember anything

— Poppa B

What he means is when people lie, they have to remember their lie to protect themselves from being caught. But if you keep it real and honest all the times, you don’t have no worry about anything cause you’ve done nothing wrong!

Hope this has helped, and sign up to the Beatstruggles Newsletter if you’d like to stay up to date with Beatmaking Tips and Tutorials!

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