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How To Make Your Own Sound Packs

How Do You Make Your Own Sounds?

Well, let me start off with this. Sound design is more than a hobby. It is a job requiring a lot of work, effort, reading, and understanding of your tools!

Creating your own sound packs can be very beneficial to you, in a sense that, you’ve created your own sounds, and they are 100% original that others will not have. On the downside, this takes a lot of time, and effort.

I can closely compare sound design (creating your own sound packs), and making beats, as two separate skills and avenues that you are wanting to pursue.

In other words, if you want to pursue sound design, you’re probably going to go that route, as the time it takes to understand the knowledge. Same goes for making beats, it takes a lot of time to learn how to make beats, all the little tricks/techniques, and if you’re wanting to take it to the next level of mixing, and mastering.

Doing Both at the Same Time,

Samson Zoom H4N  Handy Recorder

Now, there are obviously people who do both, and they’re quite good in both avenues. (More streams to make money through audio).

From my own experience, I am more focused towards making music, productions, albums, etc. Therefore, dipping into sound design takes away time from what I enjoy doing, and where I feel my skills are.

However, sound design can be a great little side job allowing for some extra income if you can get your sound design skills up to par, start to sell your sounds by yourself, or through popular websites like SoundPackFlyer.com, FatLoud, LoopMasters etc.

Okay, so How Do I Make Sound Packs?

Videos are an awesome way to learn, so that’s the route I took in this tutorial! I’ve shown how to create sounds using the Samson H4N Handy recorder. Keep in mind, I’d recommend the H1, as I feel the H4N is way too overpriced.

The trick is have original samples, and save these into a folder to keep coming back to. Record real drum samples from an acoustic kit, kicks from machines like Roland TR-808’s etc. You then take layers from your recorder, or microphone, and start to make some real cool sounds by layering over top of the original sounds!

Using Layers in Sound Design,

Layers provide a unique presence to your sound by simply layering over top of the kick drum or of the similar. This provides a real nice crunch to the kick drum, which is great for urban drum hits. Now this is where the sky is the limit in sound design. No one sound is ever the same no matter how similar you record it, you can then start adding effects such as delay, distortion, compression etc. Blend your sounds to taste, and you can export them!

Using Edison!

Edison - Beatstruggles

Edison is such a powerful tool for sound design. The reason being, once you have your sound created the way you want, you can quickly record into Edison, and click and drag the sound back to be sound designed again! Or, use it as a layer over top of a new sound? The sky is the limit with sound design, and Edison, is a HUGE, fast, part to this process.

Also to mention, since I used a handy recorder, it had my whole recording of the one-hit samples in one .WAV file. So I simply dragged the file into Edison, and dull-sliced the sounds, giving me chops, and click and dragged the file into a folder for keep-sake!

Looking for a Place to Sell Your Sounds?

Sound Pack Flyer - LOGO - 1064x300

Beatstruggles has acquired a sister company, SoundPackFlyer.com. SPF features the industy’s best kits, at the best prices around. Feel free to contact me with more info on submitting your kits into SoundPackFlyer.com, home of your favorite kits at big discounts.

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