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How To Make Off Beat Kicks (1/3 and 1/6 BEAT!)

How do you make OFF BEAT Kicks?

Off Beat Kicks-1-6-1-3

Very simply actually!

It’s really just a matter of going to your horse shoe / magnet in FL Studio, and changing the step/beat to 1/3 beat or 1/6 beat.

You can also choose step rather than beat, but I find it gets a bit complicating. Try starting with 1/6 beat, then work your say down to 1/3 step, then 1/6 step!

It’s really a cool technique to throw into your beats that need that little extra “something”!

I usually find starting off at 1/3 beat gives you an idea of how to fit the off beat sounds in. After that, move to 1/6 beat for more flexibility on options in your loops.

Off Beat Kicks — Not Just for Trap

Using the kicks in this style is not just for trap beats either.

They are great for adding near the end of your loop to give it some change up, and giving a catchy ending into the beginning of your loop.

Also, editing your MIDI notes of instruments with 1/6 beat sometimes brings interesting results as well! If you’re always on 1/2 step and step, these are very robotic and quantized if you always use them. So try moving over to 1/6 beat for an instrument here or there in your tracks!

Stand out by “BEING YOURSELF”

Learning to use this technique of off-sounding beats, or, the slow down effect, and giving it your “own edge” will really give your beats that little extra it may be missing!

Start those kicks off slow, such as at 1/2 step, then work your way into 1/6 beat when you feel the drum loop needs a bit of change up!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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