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How To Make It in the New Music Business by Ari Herstand [REVIEW]

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Lately, I’ve been crushing a lot of books.

And one thing I knew I needed to learn more about was royalties. It’s always been something I was putting off.

I was wanting to release my free beat tapes onto Spotify for a while, and finally had time to do it.

But I was unsure of what online distribution company to choose.

That’s how I found Ari, the author of this book: How To Make It in the New Music Business.

He has an awesome blog post comparing the different online distributors to get your music onto iTunes, Spotify, etc.

While on his site, his book caught my eye and I decided to buy it! (One of the main reasons was because it talked more about royalties, and how to collect them.)

So what are my thoughts on this book?

If you’re a music creator, this book is for you.

Like I said in the video, I’m more of a studio rat. I like to stay in my studio, create, and release out to the public.

I’m not really interested in the traveling/touring aspect of the music world.

If you are into touring, then this book is a must.

Ari breaks down his story of how he got started, all the different avenues you can take, and his successes and failers in his attempts. It’s really eye-opening and interesting!

For example, the college scene is a whole different breed on its own. Ari says it’s an amazing way to make awesome cash flow, but hard to build a solid following, and compares opportunities with a useful points system.

Nowadays with social media being such an important part of a musician’s life for promotion and availability to our fans, this book tells you what it takes to enter this music industry.

By the end of reading this book, it’s made me realize how hard Ari Herstand has worked to get himself to where he is in the audio industry.

Some people get bigger breaks than others, but to have a long-lasting career in this industry, it’s important to educate yourself so you can sustain it for the long-run if this is what you truly want to do.

And a great resource to educate yourself is with Ari’s book:
How To Make It in the New Music Business.

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to a fellow music producer, and especially to an aspiring artist wanting to tour.

How To Make It in the New Music Business

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