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How to Make Catchier Melodies

Making Catchy Leads,

Catchy melodies aren’t easy lol.  It comes from practice, patience, being creative, and above all, knowledge with your piano skills.

However, the tip talked about int his blog post may spark some extra creative when you’re stuck!

Drown your Sounds in Reverb and Delay!

Nexus 2 Delay

While creating your loops, try to increase your effects like reverb and delay. These instantly make your instrument sound fuller, and allow the sound to carry on even when you are not hitting any notes.

A big block to producers, which I find, and even for myself, is when an instrument is dry, it’s very hard to work off. Especially if it’s one of your beginning instruments.

Nexus 2 Reverb

I especially like to add delay and reverb to my piano. Since my piano skills are not amazing, this adds notes being repeated over my other notes. Allowing for the full sounding piano piece, where originally without effects, it’s not as full as I’d like it to be. But with some practice, maybe one day I won’t need to add delay and reverb to make my piano sound good, just for enhancement purposes ;).

Now, too much of anything is usually not good. This is just a general rule in life.

Too Many Effects — You’ll Be Sorry!

With using a VST like Nexus 2, it comes with sounds that are just drenched in effects. This can cause for unclear mixes!

Something you will learn, as you go along, is picking and choosing where to apply effects, and deciding what instruments are the most catchy, and should be prominent within the track.

However, sometimes you can actually get away with a lot of effects, but it’s just good practice to only dial in what you need.  This will allow you to fit more instruments in, keep things cleaner, and allow you to soak the sounds you choose in your effects, giving it that warm, epic sound!

Catchier Melodies, Cleaner Mixes, Lots of Practice,

Sure, you may think in this video I make it look easy, but it’s because I practice often!

Knowing your piano scales is a huge factor in creating catchy melodies, however, adding some effects such as reverb and delay will enhance your loop, and spark some inspiration while creating!

Don’t forget to only dial in what you need for a clear mix for your end result. 😉

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