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How To Load Samples Into FL Studio

Getting Organized in FL Studio,

Over the years, I’ve learned to get organized within my workflow, audio production set up, and my sounds!

Being organized is essential, although one can be too organized which slows them down, but for the most part, having things in order, will help you work smoother, with less stress.

Reading over this post will really break down how to get organized with making beats.

Okay, Thanks.. So How Do I Load in My Samples?

Loading Samples Into FL Studio

Loading in your samples is actually incredibly easy.

Again, to get organized, I would recommend creating one folder for all your other folders. So in other words, create one folder called Drum Kits. From there, if you purchase a kit, or get a free kit, you can drag that new kit’s folder into your Drum Kits folder.

This allows for incredible organization, and when you add a new kit, you can just hit the refresh button on the FL Studio browser to show the kit.

Now, something I got stuck with along the way was removing empty folders within FL Studio’s browser. I’ve made a video regarding that though!

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