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How To Beat Beat-Block (Producer’s Block)

Welcome to Beat-block! Something everyone gets! (Some just more than others 😉 ).

How Do I Overcome Beat Block?

How To Beat Beat-Block (Producer's Block)

In this video I’ve gone through a bunch of little tricks and techniques that you use when ever you are having “the case of beat-block!”. Enjoy the video, and I’ve included more info in the post below!

Alright so beat-block, how does one over come it?

As mentioned in the video, it’s really nice to have techniques that “suite you” and that “you feel” always work no matter what you do.

How do you find these out? I’ve personally found out these little tricks just as I’ve went along beat making. I’ve realized beat after beat, “hey.. this seems to always work”. Then from there, I try to let the creativity fly!

Finding out your own techniques also comes by avoiding mimicking/copying other people’s styles. The radio can give you inspiration, and you can learn from it, but can also make you feel your beats are no good. So take what you want from it, my advice to you is to avoid comparing yourself, and when you have questions, simply Google/YouTube!

One thing to mention, the best case for Beat-Block is the Holy Spirit ;). Something no man can purchase, that gives incredible creativity to let the Father be glorified!

Beat Block — Overcoming It!

Knowing piano scales are very important to overcome beat block, and just music production in general. Why?

Cause if you know piano scales, you can automatically start improvising to find a loop/riff that sounds good! Once you have that loop, you can quickly build on it because you know your scales!

If you are “randomly pressing keys”, that’s a huge chance your taking trying to find something that “sounds good” rather than knowing! — Randomly pressing keys can also cause some big stress, making you want to give up! So take some time out and learn about scales. They’re not too hard to learn the basics, and I have a few videos regarding just that, piano scales.

Tips to Overcome Producer’s Block,


Step 1 — Don’t try to FORCE THE BEAT. As I talked about in the video, yes, your beat usually NEEDS drums for the sake of head-bobbing, but add them accordingly to the beat, rather than forcing them. Drums are many times the foundation of the track, and can be the making, or breaking point.

Personally, I do what I feel the beat needs, rather than what I’ve heard from other peoples music, then trying to apply “their techniques” to my music. I feel copying/mimicking is a big factor on what causes a lot of beat-block because you are trying to copy someone else’s style rather than trying to find your own!

This is fine to understand how “they have done it”, but when trying to copy it, you are bound to get stuck.

Finding Your Own Style While Beatmaking,

As simple as it sounds, you create what sounds good to you! If you’re just starting up, you will improve! I’ve come a very long way since I started up in 2008-2009!

You can learn from my by watching my Beatmaking with GratuiTous Volumes, or simply check out more of Beatstruggles’ Tutorials!

Tools to “Get Your Own Style”,

My first suggestion would be try to learn to overcome social media. This can be a huge downfall to productivity. Learn to turn off your phone, or put it on vibrate for an hour or two while beatmaking to stay focused to your craft. But now to the tips.

Instead of trying to make a full production, practice making drum loops for a bit. Just your kicks, claps, hats, percussion etc. — Your one hit sounds. Don’t add in instruments! (Maybe basslines). By practicing drum loops and bass lines over and over, this will help you to learn how to build solid, catchy beats.

After some practice, learn about effects, and applying them to your instruments. I don’t just mean reverb and delay. I mean low and high pass filters with automation clips, giving your sound huge change up over time. You’d be amazed what these filters can do.

Adding effects onto your tracks really spices up your tracks, giving it that professional edge!

Making Fuller Percussion Loops,

Percussion loops add HUGE to beats, making them sound full, catchy, and professional. But.. at times, it can be hard to find that perfect percussion loop. So what do you do? You use sends!

Using sends on a percussion loop, and using a delay, can fill up your percussion loop instantly, and in return, create a fuller sounding beat.

You could even have the percussion loop, overtime, increase with the amount of delay. This could be a cool bring-in to your chorus?

Beat Block Conclusion,

There are a lot of ways to “get out of beat-block”.. And I hope this video has given you some ideas to break your beat block!

Personally, I feel things that get people into beat block is from listening to the radio ;). Attempting to copy others, rather than making beats that sound good to them! Being yourself, and finding your own style is the only way to enjoy music in the long-run. If it does become a career for you, you will always be able to create what ever you’d like, cause you’ve built your name that way.

Plus, not having an understanding of piano scales can be a huge downfall. Scales allow for huge improvisation and quick beats. Or just lack of knowledge of music production in general.

When you have questions about production such as, “I wonder how to make that rising effect”, or how to do certain techniques, search on Google! Once you’ve found your information, head back to your beat, then give that technique your own touch!

When you’ve hit a beat block, ask yourself, “Does it sound good to me?”. And that may be your answer!

I hope all these tips help push you guys to the next level! Remember, apply to the beat what you feel it needs, rather than forcing it ;)!

Check out more tutorials by Beatstruggles!



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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6 thoughts on “How To Beat Beat-Block (Producer’s Block)”

  1. Bless you man of God. I went to sleep frustrated last night and started looking up how to get around beat block. I was so upset I stopped the search. This morning I grabbed my phone and went back to the results and went yours first. When you said most of all we need the Holy Spirit for the creativity I knew I was in the right place. You have no clue how refreshing this entire post was for me. Thanks for being a yielded vessel. To God be the glory.

    Stay strong and may every you put your hands to prosper.

    In Jesus name. AMEN!

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