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How to Achieve Wide Stereo Snares in your Mix

Peeps have asked for an example video. Here it is!
Getting More Width and Wideness to Your Snares

Also.. here is an in-depth Drum Loops Course I’ve created!

Using wide snares is an amazingly powerful way to add excitement, fullness, and an extra dimension to your track!

There are a couple ways to achieve wide snares in your song, but my favorite approach is using three snares. I keep one center, pan one left, and then pan the other right. (That’s the quick and dirty explanation.)

Steps to Get those Wide Snares

The above approach works great, and will achieve that wide sound to your snares.

But to take it a bit further, I personally like to layer up my main middle snare.

My middle snare sometimes has two or three snares, and I even nudge these around on each hit to add a looser feel to my drum loops!

Want a Pro Mixing Tip for Snares?

Add these panned snares onto a separate pattern.

If you bring these stereo snares in only at certain times, you’ll see a huge improvement to your arrangement!!

(You can even douse these in reverb for an even bigger reverb wide sound!)

Conclusion about Wide Snares

So that’s my current favorite way to add wideness to my snares and achieve that wide stereo sound.

If you want more information on creating powerful drum loops, you can checkout my 3 tips to better drum patterns!

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