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How Easy it is to Get Distracted

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When pursuing a career which requires internet, wow it’s easy to get distracted.

For example, you upload a video to YouTube, then 10 minutes later think to yourself, “How did I get here watching this video?”. You probably know how it is 😉 .

Same goes all types of social media really.

So how does one overcome and conquer the distractions social media?

The trick is to be aware of where you get caught clicking. Take note of it and overcome it!

If you’re an artist or beatmaker, or anything along those lines which requires social media marketing, keep track of how much time you spend on these sites and learn from it!

The time you are given on this earth is valuable. If you use it wisely, Jesus promises that you will reap what you sow. Work hard, reap some benefits!

So keep focused, stay away, and if necessary, get rid of your social media stuff! Or, use it strictly for business purposes. If people want to contact you, get them to call, email or text you!

Ask the Lord to give you spiritual blinders like they put on horses. If you want to be a servant for the Lord, there are sacrifices. We are not like the world. We live in the world, but are set apart in our hearts. Pray earnestly!

Hope this encourages you in this social easily-distracted media world! lol

Written by GratuiTous

GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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