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How Do You Make Your Beats Feel Natural?

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Are Your Beats Sounding Too Computerized?

There are actually quite a lot of reasons your beats can sound robotic, and computerized. Let’s just go over a few. Feel free to browse around Beatstruggles for more tutorials afterwards though!


Velocity is to do with the volume of each note/hit. For example, if you have a hi-hat loop, and the hi-hats are always the same volume, it’s probably going to sound pretty bland! (Although, some genres call for this sound!).

Same goes for piano, and other instruments as well. The notes you play are very important to capture the sound you are going for, but velocities are very close to the actually change of notes them self, when it comes to the impact velocity can bring!

Sounds are TOO Dry!

What does dry mean in audio production?

Dry simply means the sound is so basic, without much tail. Ever heard of reverb? If not, it is very hard to explain.

What reverb does is add a fake tail onto sounds, which enhances their presence, makes it sound warmer, and overall, makes the sound stay for longer because of the fake tail added to the sound.

There is a good and a bad spot with reverb, you want to sit in the nice middle of it so it enhances your sound, but doesn’t drown out the track.

With that said about too much reverb/effects, and wanting to find the balance between too much and not enough, here’s a video talking about TOO much reverb/effects!

How to Make Your Music Sound More Human-Like?

Velocity is probably #1. After that, try to play around with your note lengths. In FL Studio, if you use the ALT button on your computer keyboard, while left clicking on a piano roll MIDI note, this takes off the snap, making it very easy to fine tune your note; giving it that natural human-like sound!

Adding reverb/delay to the sound can really fill up the track to make it sound fuller than it is. Try this with a piano, drown it in delay/reverb, then dial back to where it suites the song. You’ll be impressed with the impact it provides!

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