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Sidechain Compression in FL Studio – Drum Loops (Part 2 of 3)

There’s no difference between using this technique with hip-hop to dance music. Using kicks and sidechain compression against percussion loops brings in cool results!

In part 2 of this side-chain compression tutorial series we cover:

  • Hip-Hop Kicks + Percussion Loops

Since hip-hop drum loops are quite a bit slower than dance music, the drums are very important to hit hard, and be the foundation of your track. When your percussion is taking away from your drums, you’re not allowing them to be as prominent as they can be! — Also, your percussion loops can sound a bit flat, boring, and repetitive cause they are all close to the same volume, and no bounce!

If you don’t know how to set up a sidechain compressor inside FL Studio, you should check out the first post.

You may also notice this effect a bit hard to hear with my example in the video. Depending on the loop, this can bring a really big change-up to the loop. In our case, it just made the loop blend in a bit more, which I did end up liking!

Sidechain Blends, but There’s More.. If You’d Like,

Sidechain compression is just the start to an awesome drum loop once it comes mixing time. You can use techniques such as parallel compression, use sends to add some delay/reverb behind the loops, or duplicate the loop, distort it, and quietly bring it under your original loop. (Those are just some industry techniques people use).

By doing some sidechain compression on your hip-hop drum loops, it allows for your drums to hit hard, be prominent, and blend your percussion into the drum loops, making them sound like they were meant to be together ;).

Forwarding to Part. 3 of the Series,

In part 3, the following topics covered are:

  • Make a vocal stand out against a clashing instrument
  • Creating that advertisement/broadcast style sidechain compression. (When vocals come in, the audio gets pushed down)

Click the next post button to move to part 3!

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