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High Impact 2 – Review by SoundsinHD

High Impact 2, Vol. 1’s Counter-Part,

High Impact 2 is a great addition to any beatmaker’s catalog. I was very impressed and grateful to check out High Impact 2.

High Impact 2 provides the beatmaker with some top-notch claps, real nice and clean drums, great organization to the kit, and just overall great variety throughout the kit.

The claps are definitely something to talk about, as we’ll go over in more detail in the video, and the post below. But to spoil the fun, the claps are layered to a degree that hasn’t been met yet! The claps feature slow-rising, crunchy, layered claps that give urban beats their name.

I feel High Impact and High Impact 2 are two totally different kits, yet make a great bundle!

My thoughts on the kit?  Definitely up to par with SHD’s sound design.

High Impact 2 — Kicks,

Some real nice kicks within this kit.

I really like the variety inside here, got some hard punchy drums, some layered drums, some SFX drums.  Definitely a nice handful to choose from in here!

Awesome job SHD!

High Impact 2 — Claps,

These claps have some incredible layers on top of them.  Great anticipation on the beginning of each sweep to a surprising hard hitting finish (sometimes with a little bit of reverb and extra layers to add on that!).  That takes major skill to make claps like that!  Big ups SHD!

High Impact 2 — Percussion,

The percussion was cool in this kit. (As always from SoundsinHD).

High quality sounds that would definitely cut through most mixes by them self!

Lots of variety from bongos, deep bongo hits, tambourines, shakers, to some real cool sounds!

When comparing to High Impact Vol. 1, I favor High Impact’s percussion a bit more because of the drenched in reverb sound to them (what a great piece of work High Impact was).

High Impact 2 — Snares,

The snares are above average for SoundsinHD!

I find a lot of SHD’s snares are similar when it comes to length; a lot of them being quick snare hits, rather than long cracks.  Although, there are a lot of change up in the layers and lengths as well! (Nice to hear that!)

It would be cool to see on their next kit to have some cooler snares, kind of like the claps.  Not as dry, a bit more wet with reverb, and that special SHD layer!

The Loops,

Definitely some cool loops if you use loops! Try to bring these into Slicex, and give you beats some variety!

Cons, (but work arounds!)

The only downfall to this kit is that a handful of the sounds have “Use Loop Points on them”.  This makes the sound repeat when you don’t want it to.  This can be a bit of a pain having to manually turn off “Use Loop Points”, and sometimes leaves you guessing what sound it is that’s looping!

But if you checked out the video, you’ll see how I show a work around!

Overall Thoughts on High Impact 2,

Another solid kit by SoundsinHD.  All sounds are hand-crafted, affordable, and expect your beats to improve instantly by switching to SoundsinHD.

I do feel High Impact 2 has a different feel than High Impact 1, not to say bad; they both are supreme! Both compliment each other VERY nice, and getting the best of both world’s with their SoundsinHD’s High Impact Bundle would be a great way to get both worlds, plus save money.

You can check out High Impact Vol. 1 here, and High Impact Vol. 2 here!

SoundsinHD known for their amazing quality, is back at it again with High Impact 2!

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Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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