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Hey Man, Are My Beats Good?

If you’ve ever asked this question, or received this question, you can probably relate to what I’m going to say; I hope this makes you think and understand my reasoning!

Figure out your problem before you ask someone,

If you are looking for help with your beats, you first have to find your question! Where are you struggling? You can’t simply email someone asking a big question with so many available answers.

Find your problem. What is it to do with?

Mixing? Mastering? Making beats? Promoting yourself? Marketing? etc.

The trick to getting your answer is having enough knowledge of the question if the person replies; you do this by googling the question!

What happens if the person you are seeking an answer from gives you an answer.. but the answer is actually wrong?

By doing a bit of research prior to asking, this will help with your actual question you are going to ask, because if that person does not give you the right answer, because of your research, you may now be able to reply back and question their answer with something you’ve read! This could make you both learn!

Back to the Title

Now when someone asks someone “Hey man, are my beats good?”, that’s having no consideration for the other person.

First, the person has to go out of their way to listen to your beat, second, they may have to break it to you that maybe your beats aren’t so hot..

Again, it’s just such a general question to get a real answer.. Find your answer, do some research, and if you’re still struggling, then maybe ask!.

Now you’ve put both you, and that person, into a predicament that could of been avoided totally..

What if Someone Asks you a Question?

My recommendation to the person being asked the question is to say “My advice to you is don’t ask people, Are My Beats Good?, as you are setting yourself up for huge criticism, annoyance, and some negativity!”

Keep doing your thing, practicing and reading, and if you’re beats are good, people will tell you!

I say this because with running Beatstruggles, people sometimes email questions that are so general. As mentioned, the trick is to do your research before you ask a question!

I’m totally open to help people, answer their questions, and lead them on the right track, but when someone asks such a general question, it’s hard to give a helpful answer.

The moral of the blog post?

Let people tell you that your beats are sick! This will bring much more satisfaction than asking someone.

Find where you are struggling. Pin point it. Seek the knowledge to the answer, and there may be times where you have to ask someone a question. But without having that knowledge of what question to ask, you’re not helping yourself, or the other person!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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