Harmor is a GREAT VST!

Where to start with this VST! There are so many features it’s unreal.

It has been a huge learning curve using Harmor for myself. Not to say that is bad, that is to say there is so many avenues for creativity to flow!

Sample Manipulation,

I would first like to talk about Harmor’s capabilities to manipulate a sample that you clicked and dragged into the interface.

After clicking the IMG tab, and dragging your sound into Harmor, you will quickly realize the power this VST has. It’s like a home-made ROMpler for personal use ;).

After having your sound loaded, you now have the GUI to tweak your sound. Add vibrato, phaser, or use the settings within IMG tab. This is such a flexible and powerful tool, especially for vocals.

You can fine tune where you want the start of the note to play, so if you’re working with vocals, find a word you like, and easily play in different pitches/notes!

Open Harmor -> IMG Tab -> Find your Sample -> Click + Drag into the Window -> Play Your Keys / Tweak Knobs !

Harmor’s Sound Quality is Superior — Image-Line STEPPED IT UP!

Harmor Beatstruggles

Harmor, at first, takes a bit of time to get used to. Figuring out how everything works, and honestly, the ADSR envelope is always a bit of a head-scratcher in Image-Line’s plugins, if you don’t use their plugins very often.

The default setting starts you off with a saw wave with a mix knob that is able to mix in between 2 different kind of waves to give you a “blended” wave. From there the question is “Which option to choose?”.

There is an option to blend A-B versions to blend two versions together with a Part A & B Mix Knob.

Frequency Chart on Harmor?

Harmor Frequency Chart

For those who like to get as technical as it gets, Harmor allows to see where your added harmonics are hitting, or removed.

If you click on the picture, check the yellow arrows to see the frequency chart.

Mix inside Harmor!

Harmor FX Tab

Besides fun, powerful, and creative sound-design, Harmor allows you to add effects within the GUI. Add compression, delay, reverb, and the specialty effect, DISTORTION! (Chorus is also an option).


But then after adding the effects to your sound, Harmor allows you to arrange your effect in which order you want them to be! This is very important because if you put an EQ before compression, or vice versa, you can get a totally different sound! Nice to have that flexibility, especially within a plugin! Very creative Image-Line!


As I said, the possibilities with Harmor are endless. I really like the feature of being able to choose a sound from one of your kits and drag it into Harmor and creating some unique complex stuff. Remember you can blend 2 sounds together using A/B, this makes it awesome when trying to blend 2 snares together to get a super unique hit that carries the beat.

Image-Line always keeps their prices reasonable, and are definitely more than your average product. Unsure of how to use Harmor? No worries, Image-Line puts tutorials for each product they put out to help you on your way.

The possibilities are endless. The sound quality is an industry standard and this can really teach one of how sounds, knobs, filters, etc. work. A super quality product at a reasonable price.

One thing that made my eye brows tweak though was when I looked at the VST credits, some random space alien girl popped up.. unnecessary lol. But that’s only if you click on the credits. A small thing when comparing it to the quality and power of this VST, but still uncalled for!

Image-Line really stepped it up on this VST. Get this amazing VST from Image-Line at 10% OFF here!

Image-Line really stepped their game up to another level with Harmor. Now not saying the other VSTs are bad, just this one is on a whole nother level ;).

— GratuiTous

Harmor is definitely a high quality VST that opens up some major doors on creativity. Try dragging in a drum loop you’ve created and play around with the knobs! – You’ll be amazed!