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Get Organized While Making Beats

While Making Beats, Do You Feel Cluttered and Crammed?

Well listen up! I’ve been there, and I’ve purchased somethings to really help tidy up my desk, make my workflow faster, and be comfier while on the computer!

A few big turning points when it comes to comfort and workflow are:

  • Got an adjustable keyboard tray
  • Set Up FL Studio the way I wanted
  • Organizing My Sounds
  • Got 2 Computer Monitors
  • Purchased a Desk Microphone Stand for Tutorials
  • Made some speaker stands

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Keyboard Tray Top

Adjustable Keyboard Tray Side View

An adjustable/articulating keyboard tray was one of my best investments for organization and comfort. It allows you to sit back, relax, and work hard for long hours!

Before the adjustable keyboard tray, everything was all jammed onto my desk. This thing cleared up all the clutter off my desk and gave me more of a laid back approach at my computer.

You can read more about it here.

Setting Up FL Studio Your Own Way for Faster Workflow!

Here is an in-depth tutorial explaining about creating a template for FL Studio.

Why you’d want to create a template is to save you major time every single beat. For example, if you make a beat, and have about 15 sounds every beat, but when you load them into the mixer, you now have to open an EQ for each channel, that’s about 50+ clicks just to open EQ’s for all those sounds!

So what a template does, is allows you to set up your FL Studio the EXACT way you want it, and therefore, saving time, clicks, and stress!

If you’d like more information on setting up a template, read the post about templates!

Go Through Your Sound Packs

I would also recommend going through your sounds, listening to them, deleting the ones you don’t like. You do have to be careful cause sometimes when you delete a sounds that were previously in a song. Cause when you go back and load up the song to work on/listen to, you’ll realize the sound is gone!

To help yourself out, here’s a video about backing up your sounds to prevent lost sounds in your beats! (This is even more important if you create songs!).

I’d also like to bring to your attention, while recording vocals, create original files. By that I mean, do not create just “Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus” etc. Put the first letters of each word, so in other words, an acronym. Example — Song name is Bless the Lord, O My Soul. I would put the verse accordingly, “BTLOMS – Verse 1”.

This will keep the file original, and never be replaced with a generic Verse 1 from another song!

A Little Side Tip

Purchase what you need, not what you think you need, or would be nice in the future. Before purchasing, I always read up on the product, figure out all the features, and if they’re worth paying extra for. Many times those extra features are not worth it, and you paid extra just for the feature. Keep it in mind!

Get 2 Computer Monitors

Bx5a Deluxe Height

My Current Set Up as of August 1, 2013
My Current Set Up as of August 1, 2013

Since moving to 2 computer monitors, I can’t believe I didn’t get them sooner. Even for just going on the internet, doing research. You have 2 pages to compare from rather than different tabs. The amount of time saved, enjoyment, comfort, and ease of use way out does just a single monitor.

This also helps huge with beatmaking as well. Have your mixer on one monitor while having your VST/effects on the other etc.

Bigger Sized Monitors,

Also, this is quite important. If I could go back, I would of bought bigger sized monitors. Currently, I have 19″, but would of liked at least 22″ or something. Obviously my monitors get the job done, but being comfortable/organized, and able to see without strain is important! If you want to make this your job you want to be comfy.

Speaker Stands

This isn’t really to do with organization.. but more towards a professional look to your studio, plus, I used the speaker stands to move my tweeters of my speakers up to ear height.

Sticking to One DAW,

I’ve jumped around to a few DAWs. Not tons, but enough to know that jumping around is just going to make you have to learn the different programs. Nowadays DAWs are usually like an all-in-one program, so there really is no need to jump around. Some people feel that they can do somethings better in some DAWS/programs than others. I’m not saying not to, but I would recommend sticking to one DAW, that way you can learn your DAW inside and out. I guess what I can compare it to is a car. No matter what car you have, it’s gunna get you where you want to go — (Unless it obviously breaks down :P)

I have been going hard with FL Studio for about 2 years now and it has been great! I find it so easy to use and way more enjoyable than other DAWs that I’ve used. (Ableton and Cubase).

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I’m an Approved FL Studio Trainer who’s passionate about quality education.

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