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Get Organized in FL Studio’s Sequencer (Pattern Box)

Organization in FL Studio,

Being organized is essential for not only great beats, but learning how to market yourself, and being professional in all avenues of life.

These tips have been very helpful to me in my beat making workflow, especially that Alt + Delete tip to delete MULTIPLE sounds on the step sequencer!

Color Sounds in FL Studio — Do You Always Do It?

No, I don’t always color my sounds.  I mainly just color stuff for a big beat with lots of instruments, SFX etc. Or, if it were a song, this way I can get really organized to increase workflow.

Sometimes what I find myself doing is just coloring the actual pattern itself, rather than the individual sounds.  Because coloring ALL your sounds can take a lot of time, and if you just color the actual pattern, that the sounds are being used in, when it comes time to arranging the song, you know the color, and if you’ve labeled them with text, it’s just that much easier as well!

FL Studio Mixer — Color Sounds BEFORE Sending to Mixer,

A real nice thing Image-Line has done for us, is if you color the individual colors FIRST, then add them to the mixer, they will be colored in the mixer as well!

This saves time from having to individually color each one, which is time consuming. So, if you just color the individual color first, the color will follow you to the mixer as well!

Also, a trick on coloring your patterns is, click on the step sequencer and hit F2. Or, if you’re on the mixer, click on the individual mixer track, and hit F2. It will bring up a box where you can color (randomize color by hitting F2), and where you can change the title of the mixer track. — If you hold down SHIFT + click on the individual mixer tracks on the step sequencer, this window will pop up for you to color and label as well. (Quick tricks ;)).

If you get organized and color your sounds, do it before putting them into the mixer.

Organization — Fast Beats, Faster Productivity, More Time for Life,

These tips have been very helpful to me in getting organized, moving things around, coloring things, and as mentioned, deleting MULTIPLE THINGS! — This all saves time, and helps one get organized.

The more shortcuts you know, the easier it is to do things around your music program, and the faster workflow you will have.

Hope this helps you get organized in FL Studio! — Find out more organization tips!

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