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Germs and Jesus

What do Jesus and germs have in common? Well.. nothing lol

But I want to use how we think of germs, yet believe they are real.

So to get you thinking where I’m coming from, answer this question to yourself.

How many times have you been in a public washroom and seen someone leave without washing their hands?

Me personally.. lol countless times.

But just from what we were told as a child, that if you don’t wash your hands after going to the washroom that you will have “germs” on your hands.

But when comparing this to God, what is the difference?

You are not able to see germs, yet believe they are there because for:

  1. You have been told that they exist
  2. It is a known fact that not washing your hands spreads sickness and is just unsanitary.
  3. And not washing your hands is just gross lol..

But now what is the difference with God and germs?

(Well besides God being Holy and all.. :lol:).

Some similarities are:

  1. You are not able to see germs and Jesus
  2. There is evidence that they are both real
  3. Both come by “believing” that they are real

But GratuiTous, everyone believes in germs!

Well.. I’d like to think so.. but then why do so many people leave the public washroom without washing their hands?

— GratuiTous

Germs and Jesus

We have been told that God exists, not only from the Bible, but from people, their testimonies, and just simply looking outside and seeing creation!

You try to create a plant that grows and has life in itself or create an animal from scratch like God says He did in the first pages of the Bible.

The thing is, when we sin, inside we know it’s wrong. But after awhile our hearts become numb to the sin, and treat it as if it’s alright because either our friends are doing it, or the media says it’s okay.

Germs – Wash your hands, destroy those germs, and stop the sickness.

Jesus – Repent from your sins, Allow Him to Destory your sins, Be Clothed in Righteousness

The difference? People not wanting to obey? I don’t know, you decide on that one.

About GratuiTous

I’m an Approved FL Studio Trainer who’s passionate about quality education.

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