I want to let you know that I’ve released a free FL Studio Starter Kit, which is now on version 3!

This is not aimed at a specific skill level, but if I had to choose, I would say more beginners so that they can see my style of beats, workflow, and organization.. and hopefully want to join my membership to learn FL Studio with me through my courses!

An organized and color-coded FL Studio Project by GratuiTous! [FL Starter Kit v3]

What’s All Included in the Starter Kit?

I’ll quickly break down what’s all included in the download if you sign-up for the starter kit.

First is a completed FL Studio project where I used only a SINGLE GUITAR NOTE to make all the melodies! Here’s the completed beat below if you’d like to listen:

FL Studio Starter Kit v3 – Download it Here!

I only used stock FL Studio sounds and plugins (besides the single guitar note I recorded with a microphone, which I include for you), so anyone with FL Studio 20.9 or higher will be able to load up this project and check out all the various things I’ve done.. everything from the melodies, to the sound design, to the mixing/mastering!

Remember, when we only use a single sound for all our melodies (the guitar note), it makes mixing A LOT harder, and we have to be creative by applying things like heavy distortion, or other cool audio effects like chorus, flanger, and reverb to make instruments fit in their own space in the frequency spectrum.. you can also use octaves to do this, too!

Second is one of my premium books I include for free called Proper Producer Mindset. In my first version of this starter kit, I really think that book helped many of you starting up, and prepared you to take a second look at your producer brand before jumping out and promoting yourself.. (you only get one chance sometimes.. and friends and family can really make trying to pursue music hard as they can make fun of you!)

Remember, I also have my book bundle for way more in-depth FL Studio and beatmaking training.

If you are brand-new, there is a lot you can learn inside my FL Studio Starter Kit v3. (I’ve updated this for 2022.)

If you ever have questions, you can reach me directly on my contact page.

Please let me know how I can help you learn FL Studio better, and become a well-rounded producer. That is my goal.. to allow new producers to create their own unique style of music, and not follow the trends.. After all.. that is what makes a good producer.. not being like everyone else!