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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Generation Unboxing [First Generation vs. Second Generation]

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My first audio interface was horrible. (I don’t even want to talk about it!)

But then I upgraded to the first generation of the Focusrite Scarlett series and my eyes were opened to what an audio interface should be.

Now that Focusrite has introduced the second generation, I always had my eye on upgrading. (My first generation was starting to have audio drop outs while recording videos.. when I was working on one of my courses and started editing, the audio drop outs really started making me mad lol, so I’ve now upgraded to the second generation of the Focusrite Scarlett series.)

Currently, I’ve only used the second generation Focusrite Scarlett audio interface for a couple of hours and here are my initial thoughts:

“Are you serious, I can actually use an audio buffer size that low?”

When I first installed the drivers and opened up FL Studio, it initially put me to use a buffer size of 32. I was like really?! That’s pushing the limits, isn’t it?

When trying a 32 buffer size, it would only cause underruns when I hit play, but not when a smaller project file was actually playing. I was amazed!

Now another thing which really got me was when I played my MIDI Keyboard.

I was always used to using my first generation at 512 or 1024 buffer setting. It added a bit of a delay when playing on my MIDI Keyboard, but nothing overly noticeable. And in all honesty, I was quite used to the slight delay it gave.

Have you ever tried playing at 128 buffer size?!

It feels so weird. It’s like it registers even before you hit the keys lol

Anyways, here’s some of the updates of the second generation I’ve compiled from looking on the Focusrite website:

Focusrite Scarlett Second Generation Improvements
Sample rate increased to 192kHz
Impressively reduced audio latency when recording
Headroom increased on instrument input (They say 8dB)
New protection circuitry to protect your equipment from plugging in phantom power to the wrong places.
Gain controls have been fine-tuned to evenly distribute volume increase when spinning knob
New and improved headphone output delivering more volume for studio headphones.

I’ve been really impressed using the second generation so far. It’s definitely a huge improvement over their first generation, and continues to keep the Focusrite name a strong brand to recommend from me.

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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