The #1 Misconception of Learning Beatmaking.. (Read Below)

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On this page, I’ll explain how I got started with FL Studio, and opportunities that came once learning beatmaking.

Your results will vary.. it’s been a very hard and fun journey.

The #1 Secret to Success as a Producer

Videos help, but READING is what takes you from okay to knowing what you’re doing.

Most people don’t want to hear that.. but if you want to see results in your beats, then keep READING!

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I started just like you!

GratuiTous Home Music Studio Around 2012

My studio around 2012..

My friend introduced me to FL Studio around 2009..

I had no knowledge of music production and beatmaking..

But after my first few beats.. I was hooked.

GratuiTous Home Music Studio Around 2017 (4 Monitor Setup)
My studio around 2017

Iā€™d spend the money earned as an electrician to keep acquiring new gear.. I worked HARD.. you can do it, too!

Using FL Studio Has Allowed Me To:

My Popular Songs on Spotify!

Commitments (BEAT TAPES by GratuiTous Vol. 3)

We Shall Overcome in Jesus Name (BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 1)

I only learned to play piano like this because I knew it’s required to become a good beatmaker!


Right now, just focus on my FL Studio Beginner’s Bundle (below), as I do have a Piano Lessons for Producers Course within the membership.. but you’ll get overwhelmed right now.

Ready to Make Beats with FL Studio!

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