Here’s My Step-By-Step FL Studio Workflow.. On Only ONE Screen!

You can download the beat, or download the beat tape (both are free to listen).

Listen to the Full Beat!

The beat is called Peace for My Family:

Pro-Tip #1 – Avoid Buying Plugins Too Early!

When brand-new, you don’t know what’s going on!

Tutorials use fancy plugins thinking you MUST have them..

But don’t get tricked!


  1. You’ll spend a lot of money
  2. You’ll acquire too many plugins
  4. You won’t learn the basics

This is what I call Gear Lust.

The secret of a good producer is using the basic tools of music production. Fancy plugins are nice at certain times..

But when new.. stick to STOCK PLUGINS!

You don’t have to worry about updates, or if developers stop supporting their plugin (yes, it happens, and it sucks!)

It takes MONTHS to learn music production..

And while things may not be as easy without expensive plugins, the stock plugins are the best way to learn.

And when you’re ready, I advise students to purchase a high-quality plugin bundle suite.

This allows you to learn those plugins VERY WELL, and you gain full access to the audio spectrum.

In the video, you see me use FabFilter plugins.. they are awesome! (But very expensive if this is just a hobby for you).

But.. if you start getting good at beatmaking, you’ll see these FabFilter plugins are all about workflow. They save time, and give you features not typical on most stock plugins.

Sounds, Mixing Plugins, & Virtual Instruments

Understanding how to use sounds as a producer is tricky..

For melodies we use Virtual Instruments (VSTi).

For Mixing / Mastering we use VST Effects.

For drum loops, we use one-shot sounds (I like these).

My teaching style is for producers wanting to make custom beats, with their own melodies and drum loops from scratch!

A Real Example with Stock Plugins

The video showed my beat using stock virtual instruments.

For the drum loops, I used the one-shot sounds linked above.

It’s all about wise sound selection, and catchy melodies.

This is not easy to learn! But I’ll teach you!

My FL Studio Beginner Bundle is the first step!:

FL Studio Beginner Book and FL Studio Beginner Course Bundle Deal (FL Studio Masterclass)

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