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FL Studio’s Helpful Hand

Moving Around Quicker Inside FL Studio,

We all know the basic ways of getting around FL Studio with the scrollbars they’ve given us, similar to browsing on the internet and using the scroll wheel to go up and down.

But.. have you ever tried pushing in your scroll wheel? Head over to the playlist, push in your scroll wheel, and move around!

You’ll see this hand pop up, making it VERY easy for you to move around smoothly, without that blocky, restricted feeling.

FL Studio — CTRL + Right Click,

Also, another quick tips regarding FL Studio’s playlist.

On the playlist, zoom in really far. Now, hold CTRL + Right Click. This should zoom you out!

If you want to zoom into a certain spot, hold CTRL + Right Click Drag. You should see a blue line, let go, and you’ve now zoomed into where you covered with your drag!

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