FL Studio Courses:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GratuiTous?

GratuiTous is an artist and producer based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

He has been teaching FL Studio for MANY years, and first started with Beatstruggles.com where he created over 150+ tutorials.

Further into his online endeavors, he’s created 20+ FL Studio courses, and strives to teach best practices with music production.  (He continues to acquire new video gear to keep the videos very high quality and educational.)

He has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist, released 8 beat tapes on Spotify (BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Volumes), and has 4 recorded albums.  Visit his personal music here.

How Do Memberships Work?

There are two levels.

  • Monthly Memberships have no contract, and you can cancel at anytime.
  • Lifetime Memberships are a one-time payment, and you receive all current and future courses indefinitely.

(All memberships receive a private forum to ask GratuiTous music production questions, whether it’s certain techniques, for feedback on your music.)

What's Included in a Membership?

The membership allows the user to sign-in to their account, and stream unlimited courses.

Additionally, members receive private forum access to ask GratuiTous any questions they may have about music production!

As a bonus, GratuiTous gives his members an easy way to download all his free presets he’s made available online.  (Serum, Sylenth1, and Harmor presets.)

What's the Difference Between Downloading a Course vs the Membership?

Downloading (purchasing a single course) will allow you to download the course and watch for offline viewing.

The membership grants you access to stream the courses by signing into your account.  In addition, members get access to the private forum to ask questions about the courses, or any music production questions they have in general.

What If I'm Not Happy With My Purchase?

No worries!  You can contact me at anytime!

When downloading (purchasing a single course for offline viewing), you have 15 days if you’d like a refund, no questions asked.

For memberships, there’s no contract if you’re a monthly member.  Just pay by the month, and contact me if you’d like to cancel.

For lifetime members, you have 7 days for a refund.  (Again, lifetime members receive all future courses indefinitely!)

Only members receive access to the private forum!

What's the Best Deal?

The membership gives you the absolute best deal.

You get access to ALL courses for a low-monthly payment (lifetime access is just a one-time payment!)

Become a member by clicking here!

P.S. – Use the coupon FAQ to save 50% on a lifetime membership! (This coupon is a limited time promo to help grow the membership.)