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Fellowes – Articulating Keyboard Manager REVIEW

Extra Organized, Extra Comfort,

Is your desk so incredibly crammed that every day you are having to re-organize and clean it up?

Welcome to an articulating keyboard tray. I currently have a Fellows Articulating Keyboard Manager keyboard tray, which has helped tremendously.

Let me give you a little insight to a user of this product for 3+ years.

Benefits of Any Articulating Keyboard Tray,

The amazing, laid-back comfort one gets from having an articulating keyboard tray is hard to explain if one does not own one. It takes a burden off your desk by separating your keyboard/mouse from your desk, plus, allows for a lot less strain on your neck, shoulders, wrists, etc because you are simply sitting back while typing, rather than being a bit hunched with your keyboard on the actual desk.

Thoughts Towards this Fellowes Keyboard Tray,

Adjustable Keyboard Tray Top

For the price, $140 CAD, it’s definitely a solid deal, comparing to what these types of products can price at!

It has cleared my desk up tremendously. Also, as mentioned, giving me a laid back approach for longer work sessions without any strain or discomfort!

Negatives Towards this Fellows Keyboard Tray,

Adjustable Keyboard Tray Side View

I’m not a huge fan of the actual knob to tighten the keyboard tray in place. This is a bit burdensome by having to loosen and tighten when ever you’d like to move the keyboard tray around.

I have a friend who has a keyboard tray as well, from a different company, but the one my friend has does not have a tighten knob! They can simply move the keyboard tray WHEREVER they’d like without having to tighten/loosen a knob, and it actually stays in place. This is a very nice feature and is something to look for if you are in the market for a product like this!

Also, for this specific keyboard tray, I do feel the keyboard tray slips down a little bit on tighten, but then stays where it slipped down to. So, this leaves me having to adjust a little bit higher, then I have to try to get it to slip down to where I actually want it to sit. (But stays put once it slips down a little bit).

Overall on Fellowes Adjustable Keyboard Tray,

This thing has really made my sitting way more comfortable. I used to have a shoulder problem of my shoulder always clicking, or if I’d bench press while working out it would really hurt.

This has honestly helped in that area cause I don’t have to always stretch for my mouse. I sit back, relax, soak up information, and really enjoy making music with it.

Highly recommended to just anyone in general who uses a computer!

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