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Exporting a Low Quality MP3 for Organization

Lots of Project Files.. What do they sound like though?
Lots of Project Files.. What do they sound like though?

Recently I’ve come across a bit of a problem. I have so many beats just as project files, and I don’t know what they sound like! In order to hear the beat, I have to open the project file, which takes about 10-20 seconds each open, depending on how big the project is, just to hear the beat. If doing this for 10+ beats, it can be very tedious, and time consuming! However, I think I’ve found a quicker solution!

Export at a Low Quality for Organization Purposes!

Easily listen to the MP3 without loading the Project File + notice the small file size!
Easily listen to the MP3 without loading the Project File + notice the small file size!

Simply export a super low-quality MP3, and store it in the same folder as your project file. This allows you to listen to the beat to remember what the beat was, without having to wait 30+ seconds each time for the project file to load. Also, it’s a very small file, so doesn’t take up much space!

How low of quality? — I’ve recently been exporting at 56kbps — That’s very bad quality compared to a 320kbps MP3, but I noticed something funny about this.

It is about the music, and not about the quality.

It’s All About High Quality Right? — Quick Story,

This is something funny. Since I’ve been exporting these low quality MP3’s, strictly for organization purposes, not to put out on soundcloud, I’ve found myself listening to them, cause I like the beat, but since it’s not done, and I don’t have a higher quality MP3 laying around, it’s still being listened to.

It’s made me think about all those debates about how having the best quality audio will get you more sales, more listens, or attention etc. I don’t know if this is true, I think it really does come down to the music, if it’s good or not.

And the funny thing is, listening to a beat at 56kbps, doesn’t sound all that bad! (Yes.. there’s obviously noticeable artifacts, but this quickly falls to the bottom of the ladder once the catchiness of the beat hits your ears).

What Do I Export At?

I will usually lean towards the 320KBPS, yes I know, following in the “higher quality means better theory”, but I do have a thought behind this.

Since I don’t always want to wait for long upload times, I will see how big the file is at 320KBPS, and compare at 256KBPS, and make my decision accordingly.

Hope the low-quality MP3 export tip saves you some time when you filter through your older beats!

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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