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Editing Notes in the Piano Roll

Editing your notes in FL Studio can easily make or break your track.

While you’re listening to your track and improvising with your keyboard, you may play just that perfect loop. So you go to record, and you nailed it!

But when you go and edit your notes, you may come to a stand still; realizing you’re really struggling to get your MIDI notes to line up where you’d like them to!

Well, in this video, I show you how I edit my MIDI notes. You get to see my insight and workflow + shortcuts.

Here’s some shortcuts I use:
(Inside the piano roll, place your mouse over top of a MIDI note for these shortcuts to work. You can watch the video for more info.)

  • ALT + Scroll Up/Down – This will adjust the volume of an individual note. You can highlight multiple notes and use this shortcut to adjust multiple note volumes.
  • SHIFT + Scroll Up/Down – This will nudge a note slightly left/right. This is great for breaking away from that ‘perfect digital sound’. Again, highlight multiple notes to nudge at the same time.
  • CTRL + Q – After you’re done recording, open up the piano roll and hit this shortcut. It will quantize your notes, hopefully putting them in time, and making them easier to edit.

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About the Author:  GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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