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Does Selling Beats Mean You’re a Good Producer?

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    This is a topic that may get people thinking about their approach behind their music.

    To answer the title of this post though, most definitely you don’t have to sell beats to be a good producer, or make good music. The one’s that do make money through their music either market them self very well, or had a good break in their career that allowed for a quick entry into the industry!

    Now, before going further, we must determine what is a good producer from a bad producer, what kind of traits should a good producer have?

    But first, what is a producer?

    What is a Producer?

    The title “producer” has been thrown around a lot within the beatmaking game. Back in the day, the producer was the one in charge, over-seeing the whole production, and having the final say. Nowadays within the beatmaking world, a producer is considered the one who makes the beat.

    However, in my opinion, I wouldn’t say this is true. I would define the beatmaker as a beatmaker, and a producer as one having skills in all areas. (Being able to make the beat, record, mix, and master — Also maybe have an idea on marketing the product). For more info, check out what Ian Shepherd has to say on it!

    Professional Musicians are Good,

    Piano Book Chords (1)

    The other day, I showed a friend this piano book. Looking through the chords, I was just amazed at how very talented musicians know these kind of chords! It quickly made me think about making beats, “Do any beatmakers know these kind of chords?”.

    Making beats, to an extent, has become a bit bland in a sense of music production. Create a loop, loop over top of the loop, and create a drum loop; there’s your beat! Also, with awesome sound designers providing such high quality sounds to beatmakers, making beats for the most part, can be considered plug-and-play!

    So, where is the talent? Where is the creativity?

    Beautiful music comes from catchy loops, but also the arrangement, and change up within a track. When a song has a pre-chorus, it lets the listener know something is changing, and in a sense, painting a picture for your listeners.

    Do you think you have some of these skills? Or do you by-pass them, think they are too hard, or will take too much time, and just focus on making beats?

    Just a Sampler?

    Now, there is always the argument about sampling vs composition music.

    But my thoughts towards this is, why argue? Why not learn both skills for you to become a better producer?

    You see, the good producers are the one’s who don’t put limits on stuff. They simply go with the flow, don’t get involved in these arguments, create what sounds good to them, and build from there! Also keep in mind about copyright issues when sampling.. so why not sample your own music?

    Do You Know Piano?

    Piano Book Chords (2)

    This is definitely on-topic, as what I’m trying to get across is if you have a basic foundation in most skill-sets, it will make creating music that much easier, plus give your music that awesome sound.

    So, do you know how to play piano, or do you just follow notes that you’ve already played on FL Studio’s piano roll? You may find Do I Need to Know Piano to Make Beats interesting.

    Honestly, I think about if I were to go to a professional studio with artists, and sit down to play some keys. Would I be embarrassed with my skills? Or would I be confident, knowing I’ve worked and practiced hard?

    Want to take your piano skills to the next level? Learn FREE here.

    Expanding Your Creativity — Mixing Skills & Tools,

    Now, to take your creativity to the next level, one has to study about the tools they have available, what they do, and how to be creative with them! (Compressors, LFO’s, ADSR Envelopes, Cutoff, Resonance, Distortion, etc).

    If one were to just make beats, sure, this is great. But, what if you had a bit of sound-design knowledge while making beats? It could give your beats an original touch, a you touch.

    When using a compressor, do you actually know what your doing with the knobs? Or, just using numbers that you saw off a YouTube video? If you see where I am going here, I am trying to get you to think, to be a good producer, one has to study the tools they have, learn how to be creative, then the natural creativity that has been given to you can soar.

    Do Producers that Make Money Off Beats Have These Skills?

    Honestly, I’ll say a lot of the online producers have at least a foundation on the skill-sets I have mentioned. They know that having these skills, and practicing them, is fundamental for not just the sake of money, developing their own ways to do things, and making their music sound better, but allow them to offer other services as well.

    Opening Doors to Offering Services,

    By having a basic foundation of what your tools do, and what is involved in the skills (mixing, mastering, sound design, making beats), this allows you to offer services. This is another form of income, and allows you to reach other markets than just maybe artists looking to buy beats, or sync money off your music. (TV, Commercials, etc.)

    You can now maybe sell the beat, plus mix and master it for a bundle fee. If they like your work, maybe you can start being their primary producer; all because you’ve aquired more skills within the audio industry, rather than just making beats.

    Ready to Get Started Learning?

    This post is not meant to say are producers that make money from selling their beats good at making beats, but to get you thinking, and maybe even the producers who are making money off selling their beats, to invest some time in other skill sets of the audio industry.

    This will allow you to further your sound, offer other services, and not get left behind while others who are working hard, and acquiring these skill sets, are grabbing all the coin! 😉

    Practice, work hard, and find your own sound while doing so.

    Hope it makes you think 🙂

    Written by GratuiTous

    GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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