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Do You Vacuum/Clean Your Studio?

I know this isn’t going to teach you audio skills, but it might teach you some cleanliness, and ladies like cleanliness right :). (Vice versa for men and women).

So, answer the question.

Do you vacuum, sweep, dust, and overall, just tidy up your study often?

Honestly, I usually vacuum around my studio about once every two weeks. I don’t go overboard, but enough to, as my grandma used to say, “Clean up the old dirt, to make room for the new dirt”. Since I have a dog, who is a golden retriever, and sheds like crazy, vacuuming the home studio every two weeks almost isn’t enough! For those if you who have dog, as you can imagine, black clothes are hard to look fresh around here.. lol.

I also clean my computer every couple months as well. This is just to make sure my fans are running great, and a check-over to make sure everything is running in top performance.

DISCLAIMER — Beatstruggles is not responsible for any damages, breakdowns, or costs occured while attempting to clean your home studio. 🙂

Why Clean Your Studio?

Vacuum-Clean Your Studio (3)

Well, besides the fact of your studio being clean, and looking after your equipment, I feel this gives you a better sense of workflow. When you have a clean workstation, I feel it really allows you to keep focused on what you’re working on, whether that’s music, some website stuff, or any of the like!

I also think this makes you feel like a more organized business person. When you step in your office (home studio), you’re ready to work. If unnecessary papers are laying around, it can really build up laziness, and your sense of direction can be come blurred very quickly. So take some time out to clean up your papers!

How to Clean a Studio?

Now.. with most electronic stuff, you do have to be careful how you clean this kind of equipment! Refrain from lots of water, or any of those spray-type cleaning products. First, water is bad for this kind of equipment. A damp cloth may be helpful, after it’s been wrung out. Two, those spray-type cleaning products can make things sticky. Sometimes things will never be the same again, or you will at least have to work them in a bit to get the stick to go away!

A duster, vacuum, a dry, and a wrung out wet cloth is probably all you need. And ah, yes, those nifty vacuum attachments can help as well.

Bring out the Vacuum

Vacuum-Clean Your Studio (5)

With me having a dog that sheds like mine does, hair gathers up quick, and I mean quick, especially in the winter seasons when dogs grow in their winter coats. So I vacuum not ALL the time, but quite often. I use all those cool attachments like the long-narrow precision sucker, and the one with the soft bristles on the front.

Vacuum-Clean Your Studio (4)

I try to look for the areas where dust and hair get piled up the most. These are spots usually behind my computer and in my cords.

I will also wipe my screens with a soft microfibre cloth that came with my TV, or computer monitor. (Making sure to wipe around the swivel mount to keep things fresh and shiny ;)).

I find the bristle attachment for the vacuum is great for those hard to get in areas, such as in between MIDI Keyboard keys etc.

Cleaning is Just for Ladies?

I’d like to disagree here. A man who can clean, not with an excessive cleaning disorder, but to keep things in order is one who is organized, and will reap a lot of other benefits in their life, on top of a nice, clean home studio.

Vacuum-Clean Your Studio (7)

Don’t think you need to clean your studio sometimes? Have a second look at your MIDI Keyboard/Controller. You will see you have some dust!

A little bit is fine here and there, but being the wise entrepreneur you are, you want to protect your investment, and get the longest lasting performance out of it right? — So a nice duster, vacuum with the bristle attachment, or wipe down here and there should keep your MIDI Keyboard, and other equipment, in tip-top shape :).

My Studio is in my Bedroom,

Vacuum-Clean Your Studio (1)

Well, if you’re studio is your bedroom, you’re probably living at home; and there’s absolutely no difference about cleaning! — Plus, this can be an awesome way to show your parents that you can be organized, at times ;).

This is a bit off topic, but personally, when my studio was in my bedroom, I felt I was always in my bedroom, and not cause I was in there a lot, but because when that’s where I’d sleep. So when I go to bed, and wake up, I’m in the same room where I make music, and spend time.

See if it’s possible to bring your studio somewhere else from your sleeping area, this might bring a bit more sense of time-management.

You Now Have a Cleaner Studio!

Vacuum-Clean Your Studio (2)

So by the end of this post, I hope you got up and started cleaning before finishing reading it :).

Not only will you now have a cleaning looking studio, but it will allow you to now stay focused on what you are working on, if you can just overcome social media.. 😀



GratuiTous is an artist and producer for the name of Jesus. He has many FL Studio Courses, and many BEAT TAPES and ALBUMS! In 2020 he became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, and was previously an electrician for 10 years in Canada! Learn more..

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