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Are you a Beatmaker WITHOUT a Newsletter?

In this blog post, I want to introduce to you the benefits of a newsletter, and how much potential you are missing out on.

What is a Newsletter.. Why would it help me?

A newsletter allows people to stay up to date with you or your business.

Newsletters are not spammy IF! clients, customers, or fans actually sign up to them

You see, if the customer signs up to your newsletter, they are interested in you, and their tolerance of spam towards you is not going to be as high.

These are the people who are interested in what you do and actually want to stay up to date cause they signed up! (Or.. because you’ve offered them an incentive, such as FREE SOUNDS, or free beats, maybe a coupon etc.).

I want to show you the do’s and don’ts, plus introduce the basics on getting started up with a newsletter.

Before emailing, Walk in your Subscriber’s Shoes:

What if it were the other way around; people sending you business emails.

You would want people to be respectful towards you, and receive awesome content which helps you. That’s the reason you signed up right?

So, send things out that are helpful! (Or, your products occasionally).

If someone randomly adds you to their newsletter and sends you an email saying, “BUY MY BEATS!”, you’re going to INSTANTLY look for the unsubscribe button.


  1. You didn’t sign up
  2. It’s content that doesn’t relate to you, or your not interested
  3. Adding someone to a newsletter without approval is against the law! (There’s some big fines you can pay for this, if caught!  Google Spam Act).

Now, if you are one of those people who think newsletters are spammy, it’s because you’ve always been on the end of it.  Getting emails from stores after you purchase on their website.  They send you an email about all their latest sales.. yet you never “opted in” to their newsletter. (Never signed up yourself).

But, there are people out there that do like to stay up to date with a website, and there are websites which aren’t annoying, and actually provide helpful info!

Reaping in the Benefits of a Newsletter,

A newsletter allows you to capture emails of customers/fans, which you can send out an email to whenever you’d like!

Here’s some tips of why a newsletter beneficial, and worth your time:

  1. FREE while starting up (If you choose MailChimp as your newsletter provider.)
  2. It builds a little community to your business.  If you put out a new post, you can email your subscribers to let them know. 
  3. Keep your customers coming back. (Release a new product, new beat, having a sale? Send a newsletter! ).

If it was easy, everyone would have 100,000 subscribers!

A popular newsletter is not easy to obtain.  It takes a lot of work and planning.

A few things that will generate more subscribers are:

  • REAL RICH CONTENT — Helpful information that does just that; help people.
  • Offer a Free Product — Whether that be a free e-book, sound kit, or free lease to artists!
  • A Place to Actually Sign up — Obvious, but make sure it’s visible!
  • Let Them Know What They Are Signing Up For — Viewers may be cautious to actually sign up, because they don’t want to get spammed! Explain what your list is about.

How to put this info to use, and GET STARTED!

I personally feel newsletters are THE BEST WAY to market and stay connected to your customers.

— GratuiTous

There are many companies which provide this newsletter service, but I like MailChimp.

Once signed-up, make sure to share your sign-up form around! Places like your website’s side bar, or share a link on social media, such as your Twitter bio, Facebook about.

Your link will look something like this if you go with MailChimp:

Give your Subscribers a Chance!

If you feel that your readers don’t want to fully stay up to date with you, there are other options. You can create groups.

What are groups?

Groups allow subscribers to stay up to date only in certain areas.

For example, you can have a Contests Only group, or New Releases group.

This still gives an opportunity for subscribers only wanting to be updated on some information, but not your whole site.

Below is an old image of Beatsruggles old newsletter. As you can see, at the time, I left an option for CONTESTS ONLY. This allowed me to capture emails of readers who like contests.

Now, if I ever launch a contest, I can send an email to those who love contests! (Making the contest a lot more busy than having to promote it all over the internet!

Beatstruggles Newsletter Contest Only

Now it’s Up to You

I’ll leave you with a little “to-do” list to get your newsletter up and running:

  • Choose a Newsletter Provider — I recommend MailChimp
  • Design Your Form to Your Liking
  • Maybe Think of Groups — Not necessary, but may apply to your business.
  • Promote Your Newsletter! — This is where your journey begins 😉


Keep your content rich, keep it helpful, and if you keep pressing, you will get to where you want to get.

But, there is another large point about newsletters I have not mentioned. That’s automation. You will learn that my premium newsletter course.