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Do You Change Up Your Tempo?

Fast Tempo, Slow Tempo.. You Choose!

Tempo is in every single song in the world. It’s the measurement to let us know how fast, or how slow, a song is playing at!

But.. with beats, the time of your tempo can go anywhere; this is the nice thing about making beats, there are no limits ;).

But seriously though, are you a beatmaker always using the same tempo over and over again? If so.. are you doing it for the purpose to create for the sound of a certain genre, or is it because you’ve never really given it much thought to change it up?

Have you ever made a beat, and after it’s complete, mess around with the tempo just for fun? Turn a dance track into a 80BPM song? Sometimes it even sounds better! It’s quite important to take time out and learn how to be creative, and have tricks up your sleeve to bring out in time of beat block.

Following YouTube Videos,

When I started out, learning off YouTube, people would always say rap is in the 90’s for tempo. But personally, on all my albums.. my tempo’s bounce all over the place!

Being Yourself,

This is where being yourself comes in. Do what sounds good to you, adjust your tempo to taste, and continue with your track!

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