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Do More Sounds Make you a Better Producer?

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With so many sound kits, sound designers, and sound distributing websites like never before, there has never been more selection to purchase sounds; at a fairly obtainable price-point as well.

But there is a question to ask you as a producer with all this selection:

Does Having More Sounds Make you a Better Producer?

My answer is this:

As a producer, you need a solid set of sounds which allow you to compete with other industry leaders. However, once you have those solid set of sounds.. is there ever a need to purchase more sounds?

Remember, you do have the ability to modify the sounds to your liking. The sounds given in these kits are just high quality foundation to start off on.

The Video,

The video covers the topic “you don’t need more sounds to make you a better producer”. It’s your skill-sets, as well as high quality sounds, that help to achieve what you want to create.

So let me start with this.

If you are just starting up, I would recommend investing a bit of money into high quality sounds in the beginning. This will save a lot of headaches down the road.

If you are one to download free sounds, this is awesome to start up, but later when you want to upgrade, you will find yourself cluttered and unorganized.

This is why I suggest high quality sounds from the start, only if you’re wanting to pursue beatmaking as side-income/a business.

Your First Step to Obtain High Quality Sounds

With the benefit of Beatstruggles running SoundPackFlyer, I’m able to grab you guys some amazing discounts – no doubt about that.

Anywhere else you go, you’ll be paying full price on these industry sounds.

I have laid out a basic “starter plan” for you as a starter producer, or as a producer who has been producing for a couple years, but still feels their sound selection toolbox is LACKING:

Before we go further – Use the coupon:
To save 25% if you purchase both bundles together!

Cream of the Crop

When the moment happened that Cream of the Crop would be official, I was amazed.

These are 3 foundational sound kits that leave you as the producer such variety to work with.

SPF - Cream of the Crop

Inside this kit:

  • Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1
  • High Impact by SoundsinHD
  • 808 Drums by SoundsinHD

AD Vol. 1 contains my favorite, and beefiest hip-hop drums.

High Impact is loaded with big room kicks and unique airy one-hits.

808 Drums are my go-to 808’s. Meticulously organized, and labeled to note!

That is just a quick run-down of the bundle. After obtaining these sounds, my creativity has been boosted, and I can now create the beats I want.

Xclusive-Audio’s Drum Bundle TRIO

Bundles like Drum Bundle TRIO don’t come around often; especially the discount.

Xclusive-Audio create 24-Bit .WAV sounds (highest quality you can get), and also jam-packs their sound kits so you get fairness behind your purchase.


  • Survival Drum Kit
  • Urban Heat Drum Kit
  • Organic Drum Kit

Survival Drum Kit has 140 kick drums! Loaded with creative one-hits, bringing your tracks to top-notch quickly.

Urban Heat touches the whole spectrum. This kit is rated 4.5/5 to 5/5 everywhere on the net!

Organic Drum Kit – Talk about “world instruments”. This kits features instruments I have to Google cause they have me interested while creating!

Save 25% on Cream of the Crop + Drum Bundle TRIO with this coupon:
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Foundational Sounds – Move Forward Now!

My first few years of producing beats, I found my producer block was not having versatile sounds. By that, I mean a well-rounded set of sounds featuring a little bit of everything in case I wanted to create in that direction.

Now that you have your foundational sounds, is there really a need to purchase another sound kit?

This question can have a lot of answers and opinions.. but my opinion is yes and no lol.

No to the fact that, why buy more sounds.. when you have industry sounds that reach into a lot of different genres?

Yes because these 2 bundles are geared more toward hip-hop and urban beats. What if you’re wanting to create dance music? – Well.. then just purchase one dance kit, and work with that! (I’d recommend vengeance-sound.com).

So that’s my input for “Does Having More Sounds Make you a Better Producer?”.

Be wise with your money. Invest in good sounds from the start, and it will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Don’t suffer from gear lust. (Buying what you don’t need.. just cause it looks cool.)

Purchase the above two products above, and save 25% with the coupon!:
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Written by GratuiTous

GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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