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Do I Need to Use Enigma with an Axiom 49 (2nd Generation) ?

For those that don’t like to read, the answer is No!

You do not need to use Enigma with the second generation of the Axiom MIDI keyboard series. With the first generation, from what I’ve read, yes you do have to use Enimga.

So how do you know the difference between the first and second generations of the Axiom series?

First GenerationSecond Generation
Number PadNo Number Pad — It’s on the far right keys
LCD is on the left of the KeyboardLCD screen is DEAD CENTER
Has a white ring around record buttonNo white ring around record button

My Trial and Error with my Axion 49 2nd Generation Set Up

So let me fill you in on some info when I first purchased my Axion 49 second generation.

I purchased the Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard, brought it home, installed the drivers, plugged it in, and everything was working pretty good, except for one primary focus of a MIDI keyboard; the transport buttons! (Your play, stop, record, fast forward, and rewind buttons).

These transport buttons are very important while beatmaking. They keep a good, solid workflow. Read more tips about work flow. This was my reason for researching “How to Set Up Your Axiom in FL Studio”. This caused me a lot of problems, which I hope to solve for you in this post.

I wasn’t aware when I purchased my Axiom 49, it was the second generation. So I thought any research on the Axiom 49 in general was my answer. If you’ve been Googling about setting up an M-Audio Axiom keyboard, you’ve probably ready about using Enigma to get your Axiom working exactly how you want your DAW.

From my research, I thought Enigma was my answer to get my Axiom set up how I wanted. After downloading, and trying to save the preset.. nothing was working! And if you can imagine when starting up, this can be very stressful, cause all you want to do is make music!

Enigma - Axiom 49 - Right Key Titles

I ended up deleting Enigma, and was on a hunt for another solution. I read the Axiom 49’s manual, which is surprisingly very well written! (Just Google M-Audio Axiom Keyboard Manual).

In here, I found my answer to set up the Axiom’s transport functions (play, stop, record buttons etc). I do have to say though, learning that was a stepping stone, and MIDI is a different world of its own.

The solution was to hit the edit button, and follow a sequence of steps with certain keyboard keys. (Notice on the images, there are titles above certain keys on the left and right far-end keys of the keyboard).

Enigma - Axiom 49 - Left Key Titles

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Image-Line’s Now Made it Easy

In the later years of FL Studio, Image-Line has made it very easy to set up MIDI controllers in their latest versions.

(After having to learn it the hard way, right? – Sometimes it’s nice to learn things the hard way though, so you have knowledge in that area).

Setting Up an Axiom 49 Second Generation in FL Studio, the Easy Way,

Enigma Axiom 49

First, download the Axiom 49 second generation drivers, install them, then plugin your Axiom 49 second generation and turn it on! Head over to the FL Studio settings, and in here, you will be amazed at how easy setting up your M-Audio Axiom keyboard is!

While inside FL Studio, hit F10 (or go to your settings), click on your Axiom 49 in the Input section, and click enable. Now, take note of the generic controller drop-down menu. Select the Oxygen 49/61. DONE!

This sets up all your transport buttons for you, and you’re good to go. Yes I know, it says Oxygen and you’re using an Axiom, but since the Oxygen is more affordable, that’s the route they’ve taken, and it works great for the Axiom as well. 🙂

How simple was that right?! — Always easier once you’ve learned it!

Anyways, that’s my little story on how I set up my Axiom 49 2nd Generation with FL Studio in my beginnings. I definitely know this is going to help someone out.

If you want more info on setting up the transport stuff manually, here’s my older video on that. As you can see from the views, this is an area which causes people a lot of confusion!:

Remember, yes, you need Enigma with the Axiom first generation, but you do not need to use Enigma with the second generation. And from my experience, Enigma didn’t even work with the second generation ;).



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