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Discord is Now Available in the Membership [GratuiTous FL Studio Discord Server]

Members, read closely, as I have to manually approve you!

It’s really easy to get started, here’s the quick steps:

  1. Create your Discord account
  2. Make sure to sign-in and accept the email confirmation from Discord, which verifies your account!
  3. Click the INVITE LINK I sent you to join my private server.
  4. Once in, please copy + paste your Discord Username + User ID to me. (I show this in the video above.)
  5. I will manually accept you in the mornings. 🙂

Below I will break down each step with pictures, but the video above is all you need to know.

If you’re not a member, join here.
Gain access to all my FL Studio courses and Discord access to engage with me and other members!

Creating Your Discord Account + Verifying It:

Just visit, click login, then select register near the bottom (if you do not have Discord.)

Go to, then click login (or visit
Select Register and sign-up!

After signing up, go to your email, and make sure to verify your account, by clicking the Discord confirmation email as shown:

This screenshot was taken Nov 11, 2020, but it should look similar!

Using My Private Discord Server Link:

The Discord link I sent you is just for you, don’t share it!

Inside the email I sent you, now that you’re logged in and your account is verified in Discord, you can now click my private discord invite link.

A pop-up will appear like such:

Upon accepting the invite, you’ll enter my private server.. but you’re not done yet!

Once you accept your invite, you are given the @everyone role, which is just a holding area.

When I manually accept you in the morning, you’ll get the @Producer role!

To be accepted, you have to send me your Discord Username + UserID. It’s super easy.

So once you’ve accepted the invite, near the bottom left, you’ll see your username. If you click it, it will automatically copy both your Username and UserID, then email me that!

Just click your username’s text, and both your discord username and userid are copied!
Email that to me now!

If you paste your username, it should look something like this: JohnnyQ#9937 (the #0000 number is called a discriminator, you don’t need to know about it.. but I was curious myself.)

Simply send me an email with your Discord info, along with the same email you use to login to my website.

And that’s it!

Create a discord account, verify it with your email, accept my discord invite link, then email me your discord username+ID by clicking on your username in the bottom left.

I’ll see you on the inside my private FL Studio Discord server!

If you are not yet a member, you can join right here.

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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