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Dead Silence Breaks

Arrangement is such an important part of your music production. Arrangement can take easily a week to get the right arrangement you are looking for in a track! (Coming back to the beat, and playing around with different arrangements, then realizing, “Oh, this sounds real cool!”).

And in order to create that perfect arrangement you are looking for, you need to know the tools you have to paint that picture for your listeners.

You can visit the arrangement section for a bunch of tips on painting audio pictures.

Creating Your Own Breaks

Now, there are drum breaks, when a kind of drum solo comes in on old vinyl records, but this is not the break I’m talking about. I’m talking about a dead silence break, being used as a transition in this tutorial.

This is something you’re going to have to play around with in your song, as each song brings different results, and some songs suite it, and some don’t!

Getting Set Up,

I know this says 1/6 beat -- Use just BEAT
I know this says 1/6 beat — Use just BEAT

I strongly recommend using at least beat for your playlist’s step. Anything smaller, I find, gets annoying when doing any type of arranging or editing. (Keep in mind about the ALT + CLICK to do precise edits. Check out these FL Studio Shortcuts).

Now, just cut the end bar of each loop, and only keep the loops you want for your transition. This is where you have to experiment to see what sounds best. You can obviously add transitions and SFX here as well.. but this tutorial is bringing to your attention about using silence as your transition.

I usually find cutting my kick drum brings the sound I’m looking for, however, there have been times when I’ve kept just my kick drum in, and changed the kick drum arrangement for that moment. (Created a new pattern that speeds up, or has a unique drum pattern from other places in the song; trial and error right! ;)).

Painting that Picture for Your Listeners,

So this is just another tool to paint that picture for your listeners. What ever route you decide, make sure your song has structure to let yourself, and your listener, know events are coming, and things are changing in your track. Sometimes there is no need for a transition, but it all goes by taste, trial and error, and knowing the tools you have available.

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