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Creative Transitions in Beats

Productions can become boring very quickly; especially in hip-hop.

Typically when it comes to arrangements, after the drum loop and instruments are created, many producers just rinse and repeat the arrangement throughout the whole song!

This can be for many reasons, but a couple of the main reasons are:

  • That’s the style of the music
  • Producers don’t try new arrangements in their other verses
  • Afraid to try new things.

A big struggles producers have is bringing in new sounds/instruments without it sounding out of place.

We do this with transitions/breaks.

I use a term called Audio Painting to describe this process:

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Video Resources:

GratuiTous’ Risers + Transitions Vol. 1:
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How to Arrange a Song (or Beat):
Learn more about painting a picture in audio.

Different Types of Audio Transitions:

There are MANY different types of transitions. And I have quite a few tutorials showing different transitions you can use. Think of them as different types of paint brushes we can use in the audio world?

These transitions can range from:

  • Risers/Falls
  • A special loop played only before something new comes in
  • Using reverse cymbals
  • White noise to build tension
  • Basic snare roll we hear in basic dirty south beats
  • Filters are a HUGE transition!

Motive of this Tutorial:

The motive of this tutorial is to first give you an idea of painting a picture for your listeners, and then trying to be different from other producers.

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