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Creating Vs. Learning – The On-Going Battle

For those of you who are “artsy” (music producers, songwriters, graphic designers, or just someone who always has a desire to create), there’s an on-going battle for people like us.

When first introduced to the craft you are passionate about, all you want to do is create. You’ll constantly get stuck bringing you to Google searches to get past a certain point.

This is the beginnings of the on-going battle of Creating vs. Learning.

When you get past that tipping point of your passion so you’re creating freely, this is the part which makes you want more out of your craft. You may be at this point for a couple of years, but eventually things can start to get serious.

If you want to turn your hobby, craft, passion (whatever you want to call it), into a business/career, there comes a point to where your lack of knowledge can actually hinder your creative abilities.

And for those of you who have that desire to constantly create, this is actually hard to take a step back to learn the basics and complexities of your craft inside and out.

But it’s something you must do. You must take a step back, get your face in that book which teaches you the basics so you can become an expert in your own field.

Allow your creativity to get the wheels turning, but you’ll come to a point where you have to calm your creativity with knowledge (reading + studying). This is a hard point for many, but be patient, understand each point, and you’ll find that your new knowledge will expound your creativity to new heights.

Reach out with any questions you have, or get started with my FL Studio courses 👉

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