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Creating Stems in FL Studio

Stems are a common way of collaborating on a song with others, whether that be in the form of sending a track to get mixed by a mix engineer, or if you’re producing a track with another producer and you both have different plugins/use different DAWs.

Tip: Stems are also sometimes called track outs.

The process in FL Studio is pretty simple. It’s just a matter of going File -> Export -> Wave File.

This will be the normal window where you export a song, but there’s just one option you must select to get these stems; that is Split Mixer Tracks. (If you do not see split mixer tracks, make sure to click the Miscellaneous tab to reveal it!)

  1. Miscellaneous tab to reveal Split Mixer Tracks.
  2. Click Split Mixer Tracks radio button!

From there, you can .zip up your file, upload it to an online service like Dropbox for example, and then send it off to the person waiting for your masterpiece 😉

(I usually like to create a folder prior to exporting the stems. That way it doesn’t get mixed together with other files you may have pertaining to your song such as the .FLP and sounds you may have saved.)

For more info on folder organization, you can check out my course A Specific Music Production Folder.

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