Safe Spots: Create Amazing Drum Loops

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Velocity: Making Sounds Fit

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In our next few videos, we’ll be covering what I call your Organic Tools available to you when making your drum loops.

(I call them organic, because they are FREE inside of any music program!)

Velocity is often overlooked when it comes creating and molding a drum loop.

As mentioned in the video, Velocity and Volume are different in terms of digital music production, but when dealing with one-shot recordings (your drum kit sample packs), there’s no difference.

The biggest point to remember about Velocity is:

Volume/Velocity can be the difference between the drum loop fitting together nicely as a whole, or some sounds sticking out in a bad/aggressive way.

If you listen closely to the volume balance between sounds, you’ll be amazed when reducing the volume of an individual hit how different rhythms can be created.  (Think of a snare-roll flam for example!)