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What to Know About Your DAW

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Recommended DAW

DAW – The Heart of Your Studio. (Digital Audio Workstation)

Your DAW is the heart of your studio.

It’s essentially like having a million dollar studio inside your computer!

When starting out, it’s really hard to figure out what DAW you want to stick with.

But I promise you, the best use of your time is sticking to one DAW.

Most DAWs these days are all very capable of producing commercial-radio-ready music. (It’s just a matter of your own skills, for the most part.)

I personally use FL Studio, and recommend it highly.

Here’s Why I Love FL Studio

First, FL Studio offers lifetime free updates!

No other DAW offers this!

You have to pay for each upgrade, which varies from ~$150 -/+ for each major release!

Next, their support team is absolutely amazing.

They are constantly engaging with their users in their forums answering questions, joking around, and actually listening to user feedback! (Great company!)

You’ll also notice there are different versions/editions/tiers of FL Studio.

I recommend you get either the Producer Version or the Signature Version.

The Fruity Edition is too restricted.

The Producer Version allows for full functionality of FL Studio, which is most important, but lacks a few powerful plugins such as NewTone (cool tool for fixing pitch of vocals/sounds), Gross Beat (awesome audio manipulation plugin), and some other tools.

The Signature Version I feel is the right choice. You’re paying a little bit more, but you’re gaining the necessary tools to be creative once you further develop your producing skills.

At the end of the day, you’ll hear a constant debate on What’s the Best DAW. But it’s most important to actually stick to one DAW, learn it, and make the most use of your time.