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Are Headphones Necessary in Your Home Studio

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Recommended Headphones

I’m by no means a headphone audiophile, but I’ve tested a few audio production headphones in my day.

Here’s what I’ve learned on the types of headphones:

  • Open-Back Headphones – Allows you to hear your music naturally because the music isn’t sealed when on your ears.
  • Closed-Back Headphones – Good for recording because audio doesn’t leak much. Harder for mixing because it can skew your music by not allowing it to naturally breathe.

I first started with a closed-back headphone because when doing tutorials, the music wouldn’t leak into my condenser microphone (condenser microphones are pretty sensitive).

I then bought a paid of open-back headphones, and I instantly heard such a difference to my music.

It truly felt natural. That’s how I can describe it.

The headphones I’ve recommended above are the ones I currently use in my studio as I write this – the beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO‘s.

Make sure to read reviews, as it really is a trial and error kinda thing to find the ones you like.

I personally would prefer to have real speakers and a subwoofer for mixing music, but sometimes your living situation doesn’t allow for that; and that’s where headphones come in.

Sometimes it’s nice to have headphones to hear what a big percentage of people listening to your music will hear.

Headphones are also good to hear your vocals while mixing, too, allowing you to hear the fullness etc.

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