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All About Sounds and Instruments

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One-Hit Samples vs. Instruments/VSTs

I break the sounds we have as producers into two categories:

  • One-Hit Sounds/Samples
  • Instruments/VSTs

Your one-hit sounds are your drums, claps, hi-hats, and the like.

They are what we use to build drum loops.

They are typically a single sound, which we can play however often we need throughout our pattern.

Instruments/VSTs are typically software, also known as a plugin, where we can play instrument sounds.

This can be anything from synth sounds, to basslines, pads, or even real piano and guitar sounds.

You can use an actual single-note recording of a guitar or piano, too, but requires a bit of tweaking to sound right. You also deal with pitch issues when using a real recording. Since these VSTs are digital, they are perfectly in tune, which allows you to add any type of instrument and be perfectly in tune!

There are TONS of sound packs (one-hit samples) and VSTs out there.

I’ll leave you two links of my favorite sounds/VSTs if that interests you:

My Favorite Sounds