If you’re struggling on how to arrange a beat in FL Studio, I’ve created a course specifically for you covering how to come up with a beat layout or beat structure.

My new course – Song Structure and Arrangement – focuses on building a song’s arrangement for the ultimate emotion.

Song Structure and Arrangement Course

The biggest mistake producers make when arranging a beat is rushing it!

In addition, they do not know the tools available to help enhance a song’s structure and play with their listener’s emotions.

In this course, I teach you about a term I’ve coined over the years called Audio Painting.

Think of this course as an ultimate guide to arranging music, laying out your track, building your song structure, etc.

We break down everything from the intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and outro.

After the bones are laid out, you learn about Audio Painting which amplifies your song’s emotions for ultimate tension.

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