Over the years, I’ve come up with this concept called Safe Spots™.

Safe Spots™ will teach you where you can place your sounds within your drum loop for them to sound good no matter what!

I’ve also written a book on Amazon about Safe Spots!

SAFE Spots: Create Amazing Drum Loops

In addition, I also teach you about your ORGANIC TOOLS available to you when producing your drum loops, such as:

  • Velocity
  • Layering
  • Note Nudging
  • Swing
  • Sound Selection
  • Sound Placement

The amateur producer overlooks these tools (which are freely available inside of any DAW; no plugins required), which makes for amateur sounding drum loops!

The key takeaway I want you to walk away with is:

The difference between an amateur producer to a professional producer is in their wise sound placement.

Click the link to enroll into the Safe Spots course. You’re really going to like it!