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[COURSE] – Organic Beats

If you’re tired of creating the same old style of beats, this course is for you!

Organic Beats is probably my most creative/unique music production course.

Together, we record a single guitar note, and then create a beat out of that single guitar note. I’m talking the melody, the bassline, and all the instruments through various sound design techniques!

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Organic Beats Course

I really like this approach to making beats, as it gives my music a very special sound.

I’ve actually applied this technique to my own music on publicly released beat tapes!

Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered in this music production course:

  • A Walk-Through of Two Beats Where I’ve Applied This Technique on my Publicly Released Beat Tapes
  • How to Set Up Your Microphone to Record Guitar or Piano
  • Why Recording Multiple Takes is Important
  • Setting Up a Proper Music Production Folder Structure
  • The Best FL Studio Settings When it Comes to Workflow
  • Being Aware of Frequency Masking, Allowing All Instruments to Stand Out
  • Series vs. Parallel Processing and Using Mixer Aux Sends
  • Actually Building This Organic Beat Step-By-Step, Instrument-by-Instrument
  • A Quick Overview of How to Arrange a Song and Some Tips for an Engaging Song

You will really enjoy this course for the diversity of its content.

We create a song out of a single guitar note, and I show you what I’m doing, and why, every step of the way.

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