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[COURSE] – Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers

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Welcome to my most popular music course: Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers.

This course teaches you how to play piano in FL Studio from a beatmaker’s perspective.

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Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers

The piano is a very daunting instrument.

But honestly, if you take a moment to understand how a piano works, creating beats instantly be easier.

There’s just a couple fundamentals which aren’t easily obtained out there when watching YouTube videos etc. (Trust me, when I was starting I couldn’t find this information in a way how I’d like it to be taught. I’ve broken down how a piano works in a very simple way in this course.)

This course has had almost 5,000 students and great reviews all along!

Note, these reviews are from Udemy, a popular course website. I now offer all my FL Studio music courses through a membership on my website!

Here’s what we cover about learning the piano in this course:

  • How to Improvise on a Piano to Create Powerful Melodies in Your Beats
  • Learning Piano from a Beatmaker’s Perspective
  • How to Set Up a Proper Practicing Environment
  • How Octave on a Piano Work
  • How Keys and Scales Work and How to Use Them to Create Beats
  • How the Different Chords Within Scales Work
  • A Breakdown of the C Major + C Minor Scale
  • How to Count Beats Properly from a Beatmaker’s Perspective
  • What Inversions are on a Piano and How to Use Them in Your Music
  • How to Use Arpeggios and Setting Up Automatic Arpeggios in FL Studio
  • Some Examples of Using Advanced Chords for Inspiration
  • Different Music Timings, and the Most Popular Timing Music Uses
  • How to Play with Your Right Hand on the Piano
  • How to Play with Your Left Hand on the Piano (Left-Hand Techniques)
  • How to Play Piano with Both Hands
  • Keeping Chord Progressions Fresh for Your Listener
  • Examples of Different Rhythms to Give You Ideas
  • How to Find New Chord Progressions
  • Tips to Actually Get the Most Out of Practicing and Make Practicing the Piano Fun

Again, this is my most popular course, and get tons of love from students!

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Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers

Written by GratuiTous

GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

He has TONS of FL Studio content to get you learning.. see below!

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